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Juice fast helps promote weight loss

New evidence shows that fruit and vegetable juices contain a variety of beneficial substances that can feed good bacteria in the gut which are associated with healthy metabolism.

Acupuncture delivers fast pain relief in an emergency

New data from Australia shows that acupuncture can be used in hospital emergency departments for fast pain relief that is as effective as conventional drugs.

Natural compounds in fruits and herbs halt prostate cancer

Encouraging news during International Men’s Health Week; laboratory experiments have shown that anti-inflammatory chemicals found naturally in foods have the power to halt the growth of prostate cancer cells.


Grape extracts – a new weapon in the war against colon cancer

Compounds derived from grapes may have the ability to help prevent colon cancer, by effectively killing colon cancer stem cells.


How yoga makes us happy

From ‘power poses’ to traditional asanas, varying claims have been made about their effects on our health and happiness. Now, according to science, we know that many of these claims are true.


Why Neal’s Yard Remedies is an ethical Best Buy

Neal’s Yard Remedies’ high score in Ethical Consumer’s Best Buy ratings is for the company’s approach to some key issues including animal rights and the use of toxic chemicals. Find out more – and see the special subscription offer!


Love mushrooms? Here’s the healthiest way to cook with them

If you want to maintain the health benefits of mushrooms when cooking the evidence shows that grilling and microwaving are your best options.