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A high protein breakfast helps kids stay fuller for longer.

High protein breakfast means kids eat less at lunch

Giving kids a healthy high protein breakfast can mean they eat fewer calories at lunchtime – potentially helping kids keep excess weight off

Regular bedtimes, and regular adequate amounts of sleep, are important for your metabolic health.

Regular bedtimes help lower diabetes risk

Women who get less sleep and have more irregular bedtimes across weekdays and weekends are at higher risk of diabetes and metabolic disease.

One serving or more per month of either kale or collard greens was all it took to significantly lower the risk of glaucoma

Eat more leafy greens to reduce glaucoma risk

New evidence shows that higher consumption of dietary nitrates via green leafy vegetables could lower the risk of developing glaucoma by 20-30%.

photo fo bread dough
Our view:

Folic acid in our flour – food sense or counsel of despair?

Fortifying food with vitamins and minerals is a controversial way of making up for the nutrients missing in the modern diet. Is there a better way?

It's not just the Mediterranean way of eating that is healthy - the Mediterranean way of drinking is too.
Health Tips:

If you’re going to drink, make it part of your Mediterranean diet

New UK government guidelines advise much lower levels of alcohol than were previously acceptable. But the science shows that it may not just be how much you drink, but how you drink it with that counts.

No danger of any natural ingredients here! But are candles our biggest health worry?

Can candles cause cancer?

The power of TV and an unquestioning media was revealed this week when a experiment in indoor pollution turned into a witch hunt against scented candles.

Depression requires a multifaceted approach to help lift symptoms and reduce the risk of relapse

Depression – feeling your way out of the darkness

Mind, body and personal and social context all play a part in the development of depression. A multifaceted approach may be the most beneficial way to help balance your mood.