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Omega-3 supplement could prevent pre-term births

Thousands of early preterm births – those at or before 34 weeks – could be prevented if pregnant women supplemented daily with omega-3 DHA, say researchers.

26 October, 2016

More of us are avoiding perfumed people – and places

A new survey shows that more and more Americans are aware of fragrance sensitivity and are choosing to avoid businesses and other places where the air is ‘perfumed’.

26 October, 2016

Nutrient rich diet could help keep you younger for longer

A new study shows that regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, folate and potassium, earlier in life, can ‘delay biological ageing’.

24 October, 2016

Water study challenges 8-glasses-a-day rule

Study shows that if you drink too much water your brain makes swallowing harder – helping maintain a tightly calibrated water balance in the body.

24 October, 2016

Frankincense supplement could reduce asthma corticosteroid use

A highly bioavailable supplement derived from frankincense could, over time, help asthmatics reduce their corticosteroid use, a new study suggests.

20 October, 2016

Garlic and lemon shot keeps cholesterol in check

A daily dose of garlic and lemon juice may help lower blood pressure as well as reduce total and LDL cholesterol levels in people with elevated blood lipids, according to new data.

18 October, 2016

Neem plant compound shows promise for prostate cancer

Nimbolide, a bioactive compound derived the neem plant, could reduce the size of prostate tumours by up to 70% and suppress its spread or metastasis by half.

18 October, 2016

Scientists find valuable nutrients in edible flowers

Apart from the ‘glam’ factor, edible flowers contain trace elements and antioxidants that could add to your diet and form the basis of future nutritional supplements.

17 October, 2016

Physical activity lowers risk of cystitis

Even low to moderate levels of physical activity can help to significantly reduce the risk of infection, according to a new study.

15 October, 2016

Açai boosts vascular function, improves heart health

Adding açai pulp to your smoothies may help improve blood flow to the heart, says a new study.

13 October, 2016