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A guide to gentle detox

A gentle detox will do your whole system good - you should feel more energetic afterwards and your skin will look clearer and more radiant.

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Photo of a milk thistle plant

Substance in milk thistle puts the brakes on bowel cancer

Silibinin, the active constituent in milk thistle can help reduce inflammation in the gut and may have a role to play in bowel cancer prevention

15 April, 2014
Close up photo of L. casei 01

Probiotics reduce inflammation, pain in rheumatoid arthritis

Supplementing with Lactobacillus casei 01 has been shown to help improve tender and swollen joints in RA sufferers

15 April, 2014
photo of men and women at the gym

Supplementing with iron makes your workout more effective

Iron deficiency can lead to a spiral of fatigue that leaves women feeling unable to get the exercise they need to stay healthy

14 April, 2014
Photo of a mum and baby

GMO herbicide found in breast milk of American women

Samples of breastmilk taken from volunteers in America has shown that some contain the herbicide glyphosate – what does this mean?

9 April, 2014
photo of a glass cup of green tea

Green tea helps boost memory power

Green tea could help improve working memory, and may even have benefits in dementia, say scientists

9 April, 2014
Photo showing glasses and an eye test

Doctors probe lifestyle behaviours that protect the eyes

Who knew? A physically active lifestyle could help protect your eyes as you age

8 April, 2014
Photo of a nurse with her patient

Guided visualisation reduces pain during heart surgery

Guided visualisation, that takes patients to a ‘safe place’, can help them feel safer and more able to cope with pain, even during surgery

7 April, 2014
Photo of peaches cut in half

New evidence that peaches could inhibit breast cancer spread

Scientists have found that the amount of antioxidant polyphenols you’d get from eating just 2 peaches a day could help stop breast cancer spreading

7 April, 2014
Photo of a sunny window

Sunshine in the morning keeps you trim

If you want to keep your weight down try exposing yourself to 30 minutes of bright light between the hours of 8 am and noon

4 April, 2014
Photo of a dandelion in a field

Want seasonal allergy relief? Don’t stress!

Allergy season is gearing up – and being stressed could mean you are more likely to suffer flare-ups

3 April, 2014