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Artificial sweetener research biased by industry money

Researchers say their findings show that the ‘results of reviews on the health benefits of artificial sweeteners cannot always be trusted’

21 September, 2016

Fenugreek supplement cools hot flashes

The herbal remedy fenugreek has been shown to significantly reduce hot flashes in postmenopausal women, and improve their quality of life.

19 September, 2016

Anti-inflammatory diet lowers depression risk

New evidence from US and Australian scientists shows that women following an anti-inflammatory diet had a 20% lower risk of developing symptoms of depression.

19 September, 2016

Glyphosate weed killer found in US honey

Records reveal that levels of the toxic herbicide were higher than could be considered ‘safe’ by the standards of other countries.

16 September, 2016

Ashwagandha supplement assists weight loss

‘Emotional eaters’ who took 600mg of this traditional herb daily had fewer food cravings and experienced significant weight loss over a relatively short period of time.

13 September, 2016

Ayurvedic detox regimen reduces inflammation, heart disease risk

Just 6 days of diet, meditation, yoga and massage produced measurable changes in the blood associated with lower inflammation, cardiovascular disease risk and cholesterol regulation.

13 September, 2016

Vitamin D can reduce asthma attacks

New research has found that vitamin D supplements, taken in addition to standard asthma medication, can reduce severe asthma attacks.

12 September, 2016

Chronic pain relieved by yoga, acupuncture

New research shows that some of the most popular complementary health approaches – such as yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture – can relieve chronic pain.

6 September, 2016

Water pollution from fragrance chemicals

What happens to all those highly-fragranced products we use every day, when we wash them down the plug-hole?

6 September, 2016

High levels of antibiotic resistant E.coli found in UK supermarket meat

Around half the samples of pork and chicken tested in a new UK supermarket survey were found to have resistant bacteria that could harm human health.

5 September, 2016