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Prebiotics could help you cope with stress

If you are under stress, getting more prebiotics in your daily diet could result in a happier tummy and more restful sleep.

20 February, 2017

Vitamin D could dramatically reduce cold and flu incidence

More than three million people across the UK could reduce their risk of colds or flu every year if everyone received adequate daily or weekly levels of vitamin D, according a new report.

16 February, 2017

Pesticide exposure disrupts your mouth’s ‘ecosystem’

Pesticide exposure may be linked to long term changes the makeup of bacteria in the mouths of farmers, possibly increasing the risk of health problems elsewhere in the body.

15 February, 2017

Probiotics may reduce the risk of common cold

A new study shows that a daily fermented milk drink with the L. casei strain Shirota significantly reduced the risk of upper respiratory tract infections and the common cold.

13 February, 2017

Dietary approach to major depression shows promise

In a new study, people with major depression who followed a strict diet, emphasising wholefoods foods and optimum nutrition, experienced significant improvement in depressive symptoms.

10 February, 2017

Toxic chemicals found in food wrapping

New research shows that the paper and cardboard packaging used for fast food is made with chemicals, similar to Teflon, that leech not food and are linked with multiple health problems.

9 February, 2017

Probiotics show promise for ADHD

A new review of dietary approaches to ADHD has turned up some interesting theories about the connection between gut and brain.

7 February, 2017

Vitamin K necessary for heart health

Two recent studies suggest that vitamin K2 (menaquinone) plays a key role in activating proteins that help keep arteries flexible and clear.

6 February, 2017

Acupuncture an effective choice for chronic pain, depression

New evidence shows that acupuncture can be a cost-effective and beneficial treatment option for many types of chronic pain, and for depression.

1 February, 2017

Physically active kids are less prone to depression

Being active, getting sweaty and roughhousing offer more than just physical health benefits for young children, according to new research.

31 January, 2017