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House plants – a natural way to improve indoor air quality

There are big benefits from having plants in your home - one of the big ones is helping to keep levels of indoor air pollution down

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Photo of a bottle of oregano oil

Essential oils – a better way to preserve food?

Scientists have found that many natural essential oils have properties that can keep bacteria and fungi at bay and can help prevent food from spoiling

21 July, 2014
Photo of a chocolate cupcake

Stressed? Depressed? Stay away from high fat meals!

Eating a high fat meal when you are stressed – even if it contains ‘healthy’ fats – can significantly slow your metabolism down, say scientists

17 July, 2014
Close up photo of acupuncture on the back

Acupuncture cools hot flashes

A new analysis shows that acupuncture, in all its forms, can give long-lasting benefits to women suffering from hot flashes

16 July, 2014
Photo of fungicides being sprayed on a wheat crop

Agricultural fungicides create drug-resistant species for humans

The fungicides routinely sprayed on a wide variety of crops in the UK are creating resistant fungal strains which are a threat to human health

16 July, 2014
Photo of organic produce

Organic crops higher in beneficial antioxidants, lower in pesticides

A major new analysis has shown that organic foods contain significantly higher levels of beneficial antioxidants – and lower levels of harmful pesticides.

14 July, 2014
whey protein

Whey protein benefits for blood sugar and weight control

Studies show that whey protein, as part of the diet, can aid muscle growth and weight loss as well as help stabilise blood sugar control

10 July, 2014
Photo of two women walking

Call it ‘fun’ instead of ‘exercise’ and you’ll eat less afterwards!

Adults who think of physical activity as ‘exercise’ or as a ‘workout’ tend to eat more dessert and snacks afterwards to to reward themselves

10 July, 2014

Lycopene supplement fights heart disease, stroke

Study shows that antioxidant lycopene, found in brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, helps keep blood vessels strong and healthy

8 July, 2014
Photo of a brain shaped like a heart

Exploring the link between depression and heart disease

Our strong mind/body connection means that even mild depression can raise the risk of heart disease in vulnerable individuals

7 July, 2014
Photo of ginger

Swedish massage with ginger oil reduces low back pain

Potent anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger can help to make massage more effective at relieving pain

3 July, 2014