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Skin foods – eat your way to beautiful skin

There are so many skin healthy foods that it can be hard to choose just a few; here are just 10 our absolute favourites.

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Illustration of magnesium

Magnesium supplement aids blood sugar control

Adequate daily magnesium can help normalise blood sugar levels and produce other health benefits in prediabetics, according to a new study.

4 September, 2015
Illustration of a colour wheel

How sadness changes our perception of colour

Does the world seem grey? Are you feeling blue? New research suggests that sadness may actually affect the way we perceive certain colours.

4 September, 2015
phot of an older woman

Vitamin D protects ageing eyes

Adequate vitamin D can protect women’s eyes from age-related macular degeneration, but don’t be tempted to mega-dose as it adds no extra protection., say researchers.

2 September, 2015
Photo of feet walking in trainers

Daily brisk walk adds years to your life

A daily brisk walk improves health and vitality and could add up to 7 years to your life, as well – so what are you waiting for?!

1 September, 2015
Photo of a nutrition label

Nutritional quality, not counting calories, benefits heart health the most

To rapidly reduce obesity and cut illness and death from cardiovascular disease and curb the rising tide of obesity, doctors say focus on nutrition not calories.

27 August, 2015
photo of a child eating a hamburger

Improve kids’ gut health to tackle obesity

A prebiotic-rich diet could help obese children regulate their calorie intake better, according to a recent study.

26 August, 2015
Photo of cosmetic microbeads

Microbeads in cosmetics – a bigger problem than we thought

A new analysis of conventional facial scrubs has shown that a 150ml product can contain millions of ocean-polluting microbeads.

26 August, 2015
photo of European chestnut tree

Chestnut leaf extract fights drug-resistant Staph bacteria

US researchers have found that European chestnut leaves contain substances that stop bacteria creating the toxins that cause tissue damage.

24 August, 2015
photo illustrating spirituality at work

We are less spiritual at work, study shows

An 18-month US study has found that spiritual awareness fluctuates throughout the day and being at work makes many of us lose sight of our spiritual selves.

24 August, 2015

Traditional sweetgrass shows off its mosquito-repelling power

USDA researchers have discovered that an essential oil distilled from a native plant known as sweetgrass can repel mosquitoes as well as DEET

19 August, 2015