Photo of pregnant belly
[Image: Canwest News Service - Wikimedia Commons]

Foresight preconception care

20 September, 2011

Studies show that our long-term health is affected by the physical and emotional health of our parents at the time of our conception. Preconception care helps you give your baby the best chance for a healthy start by ensuring your optimum health in the months before conception. It’s a naturopathic approach involving good nutrition and lifestyle changes for both partners.

What conditions is it used for?

The Foresight charity was established in 1978 to help achieve health in babies by natural means, later it was discovered how much the Foresight programme could help with fertility. A survey of their results carried out from 2002-2009 shows greatly increased conception rates for couples following the Foresight programme both conceiving naturally and assisted by IVF (see details here). Preconception care is useful for anyone wishing to conceive. It can be particularly helpful for older couples wanting to be in top condition and for anyone who has experienced problems with a previous pregnancy.

What to expect

It is advised to start preconception care at least four months before planning to conceive. At the first consultation the use of a hair mineral analysis will be described, based on those results you will then be given advice on a healthy diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes. Your therapist may prescribe dietary and herbal treatments to counteract the after affects of the pill, poor diet and environmental toxins.


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