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Two weeks to better health?

The time to change your diet is now! Swapping to a healthy and/or organic diet can have a dramatic effect on health and the risk of disease in as little as two weeks

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Shift work increases risk of both heart attack and stroke

Studies suggest that shift workers have a significantly higher risk of suffering vascular events such as heart attack or ischaemic stroke.

9 August, 2012
Photo of a woman stressed outo by email overload

For health’s sake, take an email vacation

Science catches up with what most of us already know – checking and re-checking for emails throughout the day pushes stress levels up!

10 May, 2012
Photo of office workers

Flexible workplaces are healthier workplaces

Workers who are able to organise their work schedules around family commitments are healthier and happier – and just as productive

9 December, 2011
Photo of motorway traffic

That daily commute is bad for your health

A new study from Sweden shows that heavy toll that commuting by car or public transport can have on our health

8 November, 2011