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Health check: sitting versus standing

Alternating between sitting and standing at your desk may be healthier than sitting all day, studies show

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Weight Loss

enhanced photo of gut microbiota

Artificial sweeteners trigger glucose intolerance, metabolic disease

Artificial sweeteners – promoted as aids to weight loss and diabetes prevention – may be contributing to the global epidemic of obesity and diabetes

19 September, 2014
Photo of new Nordic food

The New Nordic diet is a winner for weight loss

Volunteers following a healthy Nordic diet high levels of fish lost three times as much weight as others over just a six month period

9 September, 2014
Photo of spinach juice

Spinach extract decreases cravings, aids weight loss

Bioactive substances in green foods like spinach can help fight cravings for fast food, and promote weight loss, say Swedish researchers.

4 September, 2014
Photo of a chocolate cupcake

Stressed? Depressed? Stay away from high fat meals!

Eating a high fat meal when you are stressed – even if it contains ‘healthy’ fats – can significantly slow your metabolism down, say scientists

17 July, 2014
whey protein

Whey protein benefits for blood sugar and weight control

Studies show that whey protein, as part of the diet, can aid muscle growth and weight loss as well as help stabilise blood sugar control

10 July, 2014
Photo of a sunny window

Sunshine in the morning keeps you trim

If you want to keep your weight down try exposing yourself to 30 minutes of bright light between the hours of 8 am and noon

4 April, 2014
Close up photo of an agave plant

Agave – creating a safer sweetener?

Agave plants contain natural substances that could be used to produce a safe a low-calorie sweetener, say scientists

19 March, 2014
Photo of a woman secretly eating cake

Why mood dictates your food choices

A bad mood can mean we forget to think about the longer-term consequences of our food choices

26 February, 2014
Photo of ripe lingonberries

A berry good way to lose weight?

Lingonberries, a popular berry in the Nordic diet, could help control weight as well as lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol

29 January, 2014
Photo of a naked person meditating in the snow

Colder weather could be a dieter’s best friend

Turning down the heat just a bit when indoors could help you manage your weight better

27 January, 2014
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