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Protect against heart disease and diabetes with magnesium

A magnesium-rich diet could help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, according to results from a new meta-analysis.

4 January, 2017

Zinc protects against diabetes complications

Higher zinc levels in the blood may be linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease for those with diabetes, according to a new review.

30 November, 2016

Lycopene and lutein – UV protection from within

A daily supplement containing lycopene – found in tomatoes – or lutein – found in green leafy vegetables – could help protect skin from the damaging effects of UV exposure.

11 November, 2016

Kids with vitamin D deficiency more prone to asthma

Children who are deficient in vitamin D from birth are more likely to develop asthma and allergies within the first 10 years of life, according to new data.

8 November, 2016

Rutin shows promise for metabolism, weight loss

Supplementing with rutin, an antioxidant bioflavonoid found naturally in many plant foods, may help speed up metabolism and assist with weight loss.

8 November, 2016

Lasting stress relief? Supplements may help

In a recent study, a blend of magnesium, probiotics, vitamins and minerals was found to relieve stress and fatigue levels – a benefit maintained even after supplementation stopped.

7 November, 2016

B vitamins could protect against throat, stomach cancer

Getting higher levels of vitamins B2 and B12 could help reduce the risk of throat and stomach cancer, according to new research.

31 October, 2016

Could vitamin E help prevent pneumonia in the elderly?

Taking 50mg of vitamin E decreased the risk of pneumonia in elderly male smokers by as much as 72% but, say researchers, the picture remains complex.

10 October, 2016

CoQ10 supplements could improve facial wrinkles

Supplementing with 150mg co-enzyme Q10 daily could help reduce wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and lips, according to a new study.

27 September, 2016

Spirulina has anti-fatigue benefits, study shows

Supplementing with spirulina may increase people’s ability to resist mental and physical fatigue in both the short- and long-term, according to new preliminary data.

27 September, 2016