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Skin foods – eat your way to beautiful skin

There are so many skin healthy foods that it can be hard to choose just a few; here are just 10 our absolute favourites.

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photo of an orange and vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C as good as exercise for the heart?

Supplementing with vitamin C each day could be as effective as walking for improving heart health in obese people, a new study has found.

7 September, 2015
Illustration of magnesium

Magnesium supplement aids blood sugar control

Adequate daily magnesium can help normalise blood sugar levels and produce other health benefits in prediabetics, according to a new study.

4 September, 2015
phot of an older woman

Vitamin D protects ageing eyes

Adequate vitamin D can protect women’s eyes from age-related macular degeneration, but don’t be tempted to mega-dose as it adds no extra protection., say researchers.

2 September, 2015
Photo of various health supplements

Supplement use could save money for public health authorities

Improvements in health and quality of life from supplement use could also translate into real savings for public health authorities.

13 August, 2015
Photo of vitamin D capsules

Brits need more vitamin D – government report

A new government report has raised concerns about whether the UK population are at risk of low vitamin D status – and whether we should all be taking. supplements

4 August, 2015
Vitamin E rich foods

High cholesterol limits vitamin E absorption

A new study shows that for many people less than one third the amount of vitamin E they take in is actually making it to the tissues where it’s most needed

17 March, 2015
Photo of children playing in the sun

Low childhood vitamin D levels linked to adult atherosclerosis

Not getting enough vitamin D as a child can increase the risk factors for heart disease much later in life, according to Finnish researchers

13 February, 2015
photo of an older woman in a hospiital bed

Nutritional supplements reduce hospital stays for those with lung disease

COPD patients receiving nutrition treatment in the hospital had reduced lengths of stay, hospital costs, and chances of returning to the hospital within 30-days

27 January, 2015
photo of a selection of vitamin supplements

Targeted use of supplements can lower healthcare costs

Supplements can and should be recommended to those at risk of coronary heart disease as a way of improving health and lowering the risk of hospitalisation in the longer-term

8 December, 2014
photo of vitamin D capsules

SAD in the winter? You may need more vitamin D

A new international review has shown that vitamin D is likely to be a contributing factor in seasonal depression.

2 December, 2014
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