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Traditional sweetgrass shows off its mosquito-repelling power

USDA researchers have discovered that an essential oil distilled from a native plant known as sweetgrass can repel mosquitoes as well as DEET

19 August, 2015

Are bees addicted to pesticides?

New study finds bees are attracted to nectar containing common pesticides, thus increasing their chances of lethal exposure

27 April, 2015

Pesticide exposure raises risk of heart disease

Exposure to DDT and related hormone-disrupting pesticides can increase a woman’s risk of heart disease over and above any risks posed by obesity

9 April, 2015

More bad news for glyphosate – now it increases antibiotic resistance

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, used widely on GM crops, can make E. coli and Salmonella bacteria more resistant to antibiotic treatment

30 March, 2015

GMO herbicide glyphosate is a ‘probable human carcinogen’

An international panel of experts has declared glyphosate – the active ingredient of Roundup herbicide, used widely on GMOs – to be a human carcinogen

23 March, 2015

Organic food reduces pesticide exposure

A new study is among the first to predict a person’s pesticide exposure based on information about their usual diet.

10 February, 2015

You are the poisons your great-grandmother was exposed to

Damage from pesticide exposure can be passed down through the generations, all the way from our great grandmothers

30 July, 2014

Link between agricultural pesticides and autism revealed

Exposure to a range of commonly used agricultural pesticides in utero can substantially raise a child’s risk of developing autism

24 June, 2014

Séralini study on GMO/Roundup toxicity republished

The controversial study showing high levels of kidney and liver toxicity – and unexpected tumours – in rats fed a diet of GMOs and Round-up is returned to the scientific, peer-reviewed literature

24 June, 2014

Children exposed to a dangerous cocktail of pesticides, says new report

A new French analysis has shown, once again, the shocking extent to which our children are contaminated with pesticides

30 April, 2014