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Photo of a mum and baby

GMO herbicide found in breast milk of American women

Samples of breastmilk taken from volunteers in America has shown that some contain the herbicide glyphosate – what does this mean?

9 April, 2014
Photo of glyphosate being sprayed on a field

Higher levels of glyphosate found in chronically ill people

Evidence is mounting that glyphosate, the active component of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is toxic to farm animals and people

19 March, 2014
Photo of a child with headlice

Head lice – growing resistance to over-the-counter treatments

New evidence shows that headlice are nearly completely resistant to conventional insecticide treatments – time to try something new!

17 March, 2014
Photo of a sign warning of pesticide spraying

‘Inactive’ ingredients make pesticides more toxic

Widely used pesticides can be made even more toxic due to the combination of so-called ‘inactive’ ingredients they contain

4 February, 2014
Photo of an old cannister of DDT

DDT exposure linked to Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists say they have established, for the first time, a link between the pesticide DDT and the development of Alzheimer’s later in life

30 January, 2014
Photo of an infant dressed as a bee

EU authority: neonic pesticides harm children’s brains

Exposure to two neonicotinoid insecticides – acetamiprid and imidacloprid – most commonly associated with bee deaths, can also harm children

18 December, 2013
Photo of a field being sprayed with pesticides

UK government agrees to tighten up rules on pesticide safety

The government has announced that it will tighten up rules on pesticide safety assessments – but do these go far enough?

5 December, 2013
Photo of a airplane spraying pesticides on a field

Banned pesticides increase endometriosis risk

Traces of hormone-disrupting organochlorine pesticides, banned decades ago, are still having a disastrous effect on women’s health

6 November, 2013
Photo of the Pesticides on a Plate report cover

Toxic UK: pesticide levels in our food are rising

A new report by the Pesticide Action Network shows that levels of pesticide residues in the UK’s food supply are rising

29 August, 2013
Photo of pears being examined in the lab for nanoparticles

Nanoparticles in food – tricky to detect, potentially toxic

Concerns over the use of silver nanoparticles as pesticides on fresh produce are growing as scientists struggle to find ways of detecting them in our food

28 August, 2013
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