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Try electroacupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome

Electroacupuncture can enhance the effectiveness of night-splinting and provide welcome relief from carpal tunnel symptoms.

4 August, 2016

Rose essential oil reduces post-operative pain in children

Inhaling Damask rose essential oil at regular intervals can help very young children cope with pain immediately post-surgery and for several hours afterwards.

25 April, 2016

Paracetamol dulls the brain’s response to new information

Paracetamol (acetaminophen) may impede our ability to process what’s going on around us and adapt our behaviour accordingly

11 April, 2016

Try mindfulness meditation for chronic back pain

Mindfulness meditation programmes can help reduce severe pain and increase function for older adults with chronic low back pain, according to new research.

9 March, 2016

Try mindfulness meditation to reduce pain

New evidence suggests that mindfulness meditation helps control pain by unexpectedly activating extra areas of the brain to help us cope.

23 November, 2015

Arthritis pain – relief from chamomile oil

New research shows chamomile oil can reduced the need for analgesics, ease stiffness and improve levels of physical activity

18 November, 2015

Chronic neck pain eased by alternative treatments

New evidence shows that both Alexander Technique and acupuncture can significantly relieve chronic neck pain.

4 November, 2015

Rosehip powder supplement improves knee flexibility

Daily supplements of a rosehip powder formulation could help improve knee joint health and get you walking again, according to new study from Denmark.

17 August, 2015

Acupuncture relieves pain, anxiety in the same way as drugs

New evidence suggests that acupuncture impacts the same biologic pathways as conventional drugs used to combat pain and stress.

30 July, 2015

Yoga repairs chronic pain damage to the brain

Yoga and meditation can support and even repair areas of the brain that have been damaged by chronic pain, lessening pain and the risk of memory loss and depression

18 May, 2015