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Are supplements better than sudoku?

An active brain is a healthy brain - but to stay active you brain needs nourishment. These supplements can help.

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Walking in a noisy city keeps our minds focused on repetitive negative thoughts - time in nature is the cure.

Nature is the best prescription for stressed city dwellers

A new study explores whether urban living is connected to rising levels of mental illness – and whether time in nature could be the cure.

13 August, 2015
Photo of a group of people on a nature walk

Walking off depression – finding balance in nature

A large UK study has shown that group nature walks can significantly lower depression and stress and improve mental health and well-being.

24 September, 2014
Photo of a plant on a desk

How plants make your office more productive

In the first field study of its kind, researchers found enriching a barren office with plants could increase productivity by 15%

5 September, 2014
Photo of an autumnal forest

Take a walk in the woods to boost immunity, shake off stress

It’s not just a psychological effect, plants release important chemicals that, when we breathe them in, trigger key immune activity

31 October, 2013
Photo of a clock sitting in autumn leaves

Natural light helps reset your body clock

Extended time outdoors, such as camping trips, can hep get you get back in sync with natural day and night cycles

2 September, 2013
Photo of a living 'green wall' in a city

Plants are the best ‘green technology’ for reducing city pollution

Providing more ‘green walls’ in our cities could help cut harmful pollution and improve the health of city dwellers

24 July, 2012
Photo of a hospital garden

Hospital gardens are naturally the best therapy

Access to secluded gardens and green spaces whilst in hospital can help patients recover faster.

4 July, 2012
Close up photo of a sunflower

Sunflowers hold the key to easing itchy skin conditions

A substance found naturally in sunflower seeds has been shown to help protect the moisture barrier of the skin and could calm itchy eczema

26 June, 2012
Photo looking up at a big tree

Get back to nature to reduce allergies and asthma

Too little contact with diverse natural environments is one reason why city dwellers are finding it harder and harder to breath easy, according to a new study

22 May, 2012
Photo of two honey bees on comb

Substance isolated from propolis may slow prostate cancer growth

A well-known compound found in beehives may hold the key to slowing prostate cancer growth, say scientists

4 May, 2012
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