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House plants – a natural way to improve indoor air quality

There are big benefits from having plants in your home - one of the big ones is helping to keep levels of indoor air pollution down

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Mind & body

Photo of a brain shaped like a heart

Exploring the link between depression and heart disease

Our strong mind/body connection means that even mild depression can raise the risk of heart disease in vulnerable individuals

7 July, 2014
Photo of a woman sleeping

Hypnosis can aid deep, restorative sleep

Unlike drugs, hypnosis has no adverse effects and it can be used to induce a deep and healing sleep in those who are susceptible, say scientists

4 June, 2014
Photo of a dewy red rose

Want to appear more attractive to others? Try some rose oil

A pleasant aroma, say scientists, can change the way the ‘rational’ brain perceives others – making them appear more attractive

3 June, 2014
Photo of black stones against a green background

Your brain on meditation

Brain imaging shows that non-directive meditation gives the mind time to wander and to process feelings and thoughts more effectively

22 May, 2014
Photo of a pregnant woman doing yoga

Yoga during pregnancy reduces anxiety and depression

A new UK study has shown that regular yoga sessions during pregnancy can help make mothers and their babies happier and healthier

13 May, 2014
Photo of an arguing couple

Anger and anxiety link to inflammation and heart disease

Anger, anxiety, and depression not only affect the functioning of the heart, but also increase the risk for heart disease, according to a new study.

8 May, 2014
Photo of two women laughing

Laughter is as beneficial as meditation

Laughter stimulates the same parts of the brain as meditation and, studies show, can have the same health benefits

6 May, 2014
Photo of hands holding stones with spiritual messages written on them

Spirituality, meditation guard against major depression

Cultivating a spiritual life can significantly protect against depression, even in those with a family history of the disease

17 January, 2014
Illustration of chakra centres in a woman and a man

Where do you feel it? Mapping emotions in the body

New research shows how different emotions are – literally – experienced throughout the body

6 January, 2014
Photo of a combined clock and scale

Tick-tock…how your body clock influences your weight

Studies reveal new links between our internal ‘clock’ and the way the body uses nutrients and calories throughout the day

31 December, 2013
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