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Health check: sitting versus standing

Alternating between sitting and standing at your desk may be healthier than sitting all day, studies show

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Photo of a peace sign in camouflage

Yogic breathing could be an effective treatment for PTSD

Yogic breathing could help soldiers suffering from PTSD to find peace, according to a new study

15 September, 2014
photo of a woman looking thoughtful

Online mindfulness courses can help reduce work stress

Mindfulness can be taught through online courses, with many positive effects on health and well being, say UK researchers

11 September, 2014
Photo of the dream totem used in the film Inception

Lucid dreamers show greater insight in waking life

People who are aware they are asleep when they are dreaming have better than average problem-solving abilities in the waking world

18 August, 2014
Photo of a brain shaped like a heart

Exploring the link between depression and heart disease

Our strong mind/body connection means that even mild depression can raise the risk of heart disease in vulnerable individuals

7 July, 2014
Photo of a woman sleeping

Hypnosis can aid deep, restorative sleep

Unlike drugs, hypnosis has no adverse effects and it can be used to induce a deep and healing sleep in those who are susceptible, say scientists

4 June, 2014
Photo of a dewy red rose

Want to appear more attractive to others? Try some rose oil

A pleasant aroma, say scientists, can change the way the ‘rational’ brain perceives others – making them appear more attractive

3 June, 2014
Photo of black stones against a green background

Your brain on meditation

Brain imaging shows that non-directive meditation gives the mind time to wander and to process feelings and thoughts more effectively

22 May, 2014
Photo of a pregnant woman doing yoga

Yoga during pregnancy reduces anxiety and depression

A new UK study has shown that regular yoga sessions during pregnancy can help make mothers and their babies happier and healthier

13 May, 2014
Photo of an arguing couple

Anger and anxiety link to inflammation and heart disease

Anger, anxiety, and depression not only affect the functioning of the heart, but also increase the risk for heart disease, according to a new study.

8 May, 2014
Photo of two women laughing

Laughter is as beneficial as meditation

Laughter stimulates the same parts of the brain as meditation and, studies show, can have the same health benefits

6 May, 2014
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