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Turmeric – from the kitchen to the clinic

Turmeric contains potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which may account for its many medicinal benefits

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Mental health

Photo of an older woman looking out of a window

Loneliness worse for health than obesity

Extreme loneliness has a measurable effect on health and can increase the chances of premature death by as much as 14%

20 February, 2014
Photo of hands holding stones with spiritual messages written on them

Spirituality, meditation guard against major depression

Cultivating a spiritual life can significantly protect against depression, even in those with a family history of the disease

17 January, 2014
Photo of a cappuccino witha smiley face in the foam

Caffeine could help enhance long-term memory

The equivalent of a strong cup of coffee a day could act as an effective memory-enhancer say scientists

15 January, 2014
Photo of a middle aged woman with depression

Anxiety’s link to higher long-term stroke risk

Chronic anxiety and depression take their toll on our physical health over time, increasing stroke risk by more than 30%.

8 January, 2014
Photo of vitamin E capsules

Vitamin E could help Alzheimer’s patients stay independent for longer

A daily supplement could help people suffering from dementia keep up with daily activities with less need for help

6 January, 2014
Photo of a woman looking depressed

Treat insomnia to cure depression

Sleep problems and depression often go hand-in-hand; but to help patients new evidence suggests we need to focus on treating the insomnia

21 November, 2013
Photo of water pouring from a tap into a glass

Drinking water improves focus, reaction time

The effects of dehydration can be experienced as headaches, mood changes and inability to concentrate say researchers

18 November, 2013
Photo of a sleeping woman

Sleep helps flush toxins from the brain

In a study with important implications for disorders such as Alzheimer’s, scientists have found that a good night’s sleep is vital to healthy brain function

18 October, 2013
Photo of a man and woman ignoring each other

Emotional pain as real to the brain as pain from injury

New evidence shows that the brain’s chemical response to hurtful words and social rejection is the same as when the body is physically injured

17 October, 2013
Photo of a kale plant

Panic attacks linked to low B6 and iron

Getting more vitamin B6 and iron through diet or through supplementation could be the natural way to help keep panic attacks at bay

1 October, 2013
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