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Two weeks to better health?

The time to change your diet is now! Swapping to a healthy and/or organic diet can have a dramatic effect on health and the risk of disease in as little as two weeks

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Photo of herbal tablets for menopause

Doctors need to brush up on alternative approaches to menopause

A new review shows that doctors need to be more aware of non-drug options for common menopausal symptoms, which can be both safe and effective

15 January, 2013
Photo of an older woman cooling herself off with a fan

Hypnotherapy cools hot flashes

This drug-free alternative can help cut the frequency and severity of menopausal hot flashes by up to 80%, say researchers

30 October, 2012
Photo of a healthy older woman

Weight loss, low-fat diet may reverse menopausal symptoms

Weight loss, say researchers sheds the ‘insulation’ that makes hot flashes and night sweats worse during menopause

2 August, 2012
Photo of an older woman

Women prefer the natural approach to menopause

A new study shows most women seek natural methods such as a healthy diet, herbs and supplements to help cope with menopausal symptoms

23 February, 2012
Photo of a pomegranate

Pomegranate seed oil for hot flushes – was it really a ‘failure’?

If pomegranate seed oil reduced hot flushes by 39% – why is everyone saying it doesn’t work? We sort the nonsense out…

24 January, 2012