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Beneficial bacteria could protect against breast cancer

Research showing that healthy breast tissue has higher levels of benign bacteria suggests that probiotics could one day have a role in preventing breast cancer.

30 June, 2016

Study identifies the best foods for fighting inflammation

New research has shown that antioxidant polyphenols, derived from several everyday foods, may help reduce the chronic inflammation that contributes to many leading causes of death.

17 May, 2016

Broccoli sprouts help prevent flu

A daily ‘shake’ of pureed broccoli sprouts could boost immunity and help keep the flu virus at bay, according to a new human study.

25 April, 2016

Green tea remedy speeds healing of cold sores

New research has shown that a preparation containing green tea could significantly speed up the healing of cold sores caused by the herpes virus.

19 April, 2016

Curcumin could help fight drug-resistant tuberculosis

New laboratory research suggests that the active ingredient in the distinctive yellow root, turmeric, can kill and clear out tuberculosis infection from cells.

30 March, 2016

Doctors – and farmers – give antibiotic resistance a helping hand

Scientists have discovered a virulent and untreatable kind of E. coli bacteria that can transfer its antibiotic resistance to other types of bacteria

19 November, 2015

Burned-out? Your fever could be stress-related

Doctors faced with patients with unexplained fevers may be missing the link between extreme stress and raised body temperature

13 November, 2015

Address diet to reduce inflammation & chronic disease risk

Chronic inflammation is involved in triggering a range of serious diseases, but closer attention to diet could help treat this problem.

10 August, 2015

Add yoga to your list of beneficial antioxidants

Weekly yoga boosts levels of natural antioxidants in the body and strengthens the immune system, new research shows.

6 August, 2015

Tart cherries protect athletes from respiratory infections & more

Juice made from tart cherries may reduce inflammation and the risk of upper respiratory tract symptoms after running a marathon.

4 August, 2015