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Survey maps homeopathy use in the US

A new survey finds that homeopathy use in the US is confirmed to a relatively small section of the population – compared to other developed nations – but those who do use it perceive it as helpful.

22 February, 2016

Homoeopathic injections ease knee osteoarthritis

US research shows that a combination of injectable homoeopathic treatments can improve knee pain and stiffness in just 2 weeks

11 May, 2015

Homoeopathy beats antidepressants for menopausal symptoms

For women suffering menopausal symptoms such as depression and hot flashes, a visit to the homoeopath may be an effective course of action

24 March, 2015

It’s Homeopathy Awareness Week

Homoeopathic remedies can help those who suffer from common skin complaints such as eczema or acne

17 June, 2014

Natural treatment matches conventional NSAID for pain relief

A natural topical remedy has been shown to be as effective as the NSAID diclofenac for reducing pain after an ankle sprain, according to a new study

23 October, 2013

Complementary therapies improved effectiveness of cancer treatment

Natural treatments such as homoeopathy and Chinese herbs have a place in cancer treatment and prevention, say researchers

4 October, 2012

Homoeopathy and cancer – the debate continues

The use of homoeopathy in cancer has always been controversial – but does shying away from talking about it mean we miss out on useful research information.

2 August, 2012

Homoeopathic treament can help insomnia, study shows

Several trials have now shown that homoeopathy can be an effective way to treat insomnia

2 August, 2012

Your access to homoeopathic remedies is under threat

Millions of people in the UK could soon find it harder to get homoeopathic treatment; here’s how you can help

16 May, 2012

Swiss government report gives thumbs up to homoeopathy

The Swiss government’s in-depth report concluding that homoeopathy is an active and effective treatment is now available in English

17 February, 2012