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Chamomile extract aids sleep quality

A small study has found that daily chamomile extract can significantly – and safely – improve sleep quality among elderly people.

15 December, 2017

Cinnamon enhances fat metabolism

New research shows that active substances in cinnamon can help boost the body’s natural fat metabolising mechanisms.

28 November, 2017

Black seed oil supplement improves asthma control

Recent research shows that Nigella sativa, or black seed oil, has anti-inflammatory properties that may aid asthma control.

22 November, 2017

Ashwagandha normalises thyroid function

Ashwagandha root can normalise thyroid hormone levels in hypothyroid individuals and also maintain normal thyroid function in healthy people, according to new research.

1 November, 2017

Pycnogenol acts directly on painful joints

A natural extract from French Maritime Pine bark exerts its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect on joints by being directly absorbed into the synovial fluid, new research shows.

12 October, 2017

Burned out? Rhodiola could help

A herbal remedy, used for centuries in traditional Eastern European folk medicine, has been shown to quickly help relieve multiple symptoms of ‘burn out’.

23 August, 2017

Nettle plant extract protects skin from photo-ageing

A member of the nettle family, Urtica thunbergiana, or Japanese nettle, has been show to boost collagen and help prevent skin-ageing associated with UVB exposure.

11 August, 2017

Dry eyes? Bilberry extract could help

If you suffer from dry eyes a natural supplement of bilberry extract could provide relief. Just make sure it’s made from the whole fruit.

10 July, 2017

Lemon balm fights ageing inside and out

Daily lemon balm tea is a pleasant and effective way to improve arterial health and circulation – improvements that can be observed through healthier looking skin.

3 July, 2017

African plant extract shows promise as Alzheimer’s treatment

A plant extract used for centuries in traditional medicine in Nigeria could form the basis of a new drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease, according to UK researchers

22 June, 2017