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Yerba maté tea speeds muscle recovery post-exercise

New evidence suggests that yerba maté tea could help repair muscles and improve strength recovery immediately after eccentric exercise.

19 May, 2016

Want to live longer? Surround yourself with green

A new study shows that, for women, the more green vegetation there is near your home, the better it is for your health and longevity.

21 April, 2016

Depression ups the risk of type-2 diabetes

Depression and a whole host of metabolic factors can combine to boost the risk of developing diabetes, according to new research

13 April, 2016

Water drinking leads to healthier food choices

Increasing water consumption by as little as 1% has been shown to reduce total daily calorie, saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol intake.

4 March, 2016

How antiperspirants alter skin biology

US scientists discover that using a deodorant or anti-perspirant rearranges the natural balance of microbes – both good and bad – of your skin.

4 February, 2016

FDA bans three toxic food packaging chemicals

Chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects, and commonly used in pizza boxes, microwave popcorn bags, sandwich wrappers are being taken off the menu.

11 January, 2016

Are black raspberries the new superberries?

New research suggests that black raspberries have a significantly higher level of beneficial antioxidants than either red raspberries or blackberries.

14 December, 2015

Burned-out? Your fever could be stress-related

Doctors faced with patients with unexplained fevers may be missing the link between extreme stress and raised body temperature

13 November, 2015

Tobacco alternatives may lead to increased tobacco use

Early use of e-cigarettes and other tobacco alternatives can increase the risk of developing a smoking habit later in life, say researchers

15 October, 2015

Supplement use could save money for public health authorities

Improvements in health and quality of life from supplement use could also translate into real savings for public health authorities.

13 August, 2015