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Make-at-home treats for a beauty boost

If you've never tried making your own beauty treats, these tried and tested NYR recipes are a great place to start

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Photo of Gladstone Park, London

Trees clear the air, cut healthcare costs

New research has shown that “urban forests” – city trees and parks – contribute significantly to our health and wellbeing

31 July, 2014
Photo of a fracking protest sign

Fracking chemicals are hormone disrupters

The toxic chemicals used in forcing natural gas out of the ground have far reaching human health effects

3 July, 2014
Photo of rosa chinensis

Edible flowers pack an antioxidant punch

A new study has found that edible flowers aren’t just a pretty garnish. They may actually be good for us too!

23 April, 2014
Photo of dark chocolate pieces and cocoa powder

Trust your gut – it loves chocolate too!

A unique new study has shown that good bacteria in the gut turn dark chocolate into anti-inflammatory compounds that protect the heart

Photo of fresh vegetableson a chopping board

More fruit and veg – the ‘secret’ of a long, healthy life

Improvements in health rise and the risk of dying prematurely drops for every daily portion of fresh vegetables and fruits we consume, according to a new study

1 April, 2014
Photo of bowls of herbs and spices

Using herbs and spices helps to cut back on salt

Findings from a new study show that people who are taught to use herbs and spices tend to use less salt in their day-to-day diets

20 March, 2014
Photo of meat and fish

Surf or turf? Scientists wrestle with the protein question (again)

Two new studies suggest that not all sources of dietary protein are the same and that the benefits of healthy protein are far more complex than we first thought

6 March, 2014
Photo of a woman secretly eating cake

Why mood dictates your food choices

A bad mood can mean we forget to think about the longer-term consequences of our food choices

26 February, 2014
Photo of vitamins in foreground and fresh fruit in the background

Supplements just part of a healthy approach to life for most users

People who take supplements are more likely to have a long-term, multifaceted commitment to health than those who don’t

13 February, 2014
Photo of adults running at sunset

The 5 healthy behaviours that keep disease away

A 35-year study has identified the five most productive behaviours for ensuring a disease free lifestyle

11 December, 2013
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