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Simple remedies for coughs

Evidence consistently shows that cough medicines are not effective and may even have unwanted adverse effects. Try these simple remedies instead.

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Genetic modification

100% natural label

‘Natural’ doesn’t mean GMO-Free

A new independent survey has found that nearly all the food products labelled ‘natural’ had substantial levels of GMOs in them

20 October, 2014
Photo of a mum and baby

GMO herbicide found in breast milk of American women

Samples of breastmilk taken from volunteers in America has shown that some contain the herbicide glyphosate – what does this mean?

9 April, 2014
Photo of glyphosate being sprayed on a field

Higher levels of glyphosate found in chronically ill people

Evidence is mounting that glyphosate, the active component of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is toxic to farm animals and people

19 March, 2014
Photo of a woman carrying an anti-GMO protest sign on her back

USDA report shows GMOs bring few benefits

They don’t increase yields, they don’t increase profit, they don’t reduce the use of toxic pesticides – what exactly are GMOs good for?

26 February, 2014
Photo of a genetically modified pink potato

£3.2 million GM potato “a waste of money”

Unless you are brainwashed by the pro-GM BBC, in which case you will actually believe it is a “game changer”

17 February, 2014
Photo of a test tube containing green slime

Coming to a cosmetic near you – risky GMO ingredients

Well known cosmetic companies are investing in synthetic GMO technology to create novel ingredients

11 February, 2014
Illustration of gluten-free claims on food

New report links gluten disorders to GMOs

Why are so many people becoming sensitive to gluten in their diets? A new US report suggests pesticides used on GM foods may be to blame.

26 November, 2013
Photo of a no GMO message cut into a corn field

Monsanto’s GM retreat from Europe – don’t believe a word

Monsanto says it’s pulling out of Europe – but don’t celebrate just yet. It’s a regrouping, not a surrender…

29 July, 2013
Photo of a 'corn grenade'

UK government is singing from biotech’s hymn sheet

Why is the UK government trying to adopt GM when the rest of the world is trying to get rid of it?

20 June, 2013
No GMO logo

Boycott the brands that support GMOs

A lot of big food companies, who make a lot of money from natural and organic brands paid to stop GMO labelling – don’t give them money

7 February, 2013
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