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What makes a ‘powerhouse’ vegetable?

Watercress, Chinese cabbage, chard and beet greens have been shown to provide the most nutrients per calorie

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Photo of a bottle of oregano oil

Essential oils – a better way to preserve food?

Scientists have found that many natural essential oils have properties that can keep bacteria and fungi at bay and can help prevent food from spoiling

21 July, 2014
Photo of organic produce

Organic crops higher in beneficial antioxidants, lower in pesticides

A major new analysis has shown that organic foods contain significantly higher levels of beneficial antioxidants – and lower levels of harmful pesticides.

14 July, 2014
plastic juice bottles

Health and environment risks from nanoparticles in food, drinks, cosmetics

Nanoparticles were widely added to our food and personal care products before any human or environmental safety testing was done. Guess what…?

2 July, 2014
Photo of a box of Kellogg's crave

Fortified cereals and snack foods could pose risk to kids’ health

Cereals and snack bars, with little else to recommend them nutritionally, can be ‘over-fortified’ with certain nutrients, say researchers

25 June, 2014
Photo of a rat with a mammary tumour

Séralini study on GMO/Roundup toxicity republished

The controversial study showing high levels of kidney and liver toxicity – and unexpected tumours – in rats fed a diet of GMOs and Round-up is returned to the scientific, peer-reviewed literature

24 June, 2014
close up photo of broccoli sprouts

Broccoli sprout juice aids detox

A fascinating new study has shown that a beverage made with broccoli sprouts helps the body rid itself of cancer-causing chemicals

18 June, 2014
Photo of watermelon slices

Watermelon extract lowers blood pressure

A new study shows that watermelon contains substances that could help reduce blood pressure in people under stress

26 May, 2014
Photo of Vermont GMO Right to Know logo

Victory! Vermont is the first US state to label GMOs!

Vermont has become the first US state to pass a ‘no-strings’ GMO labelling law. Will others follow? Or will the DARK act take states’ right to choose away?

25 April, 2014
Photo of sliced green tomatoes

Green tomato compound grows, protects muscles

A unique compound in green tomatoes has a potent muscle-building activity and may even help protect against muscle wastage

24 April, 2014
Photo of rosa chinensis

Edible flowers pack an antioxidant punch

A new study has found that edible flowers aren’t just a pretty garnish. They may actually be good for us too!

23 April, 2014
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