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Simple remedies for coughs

Evidence consistently shows that cough medicines are not effective and may even have unwanted adverse effects. Try these simple remedies instead.

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That coffee cup may be BPA-free – but it’s still hormone-disrupting

Study shows that the resins used to make certain BPA-free plastics are estrogenic and can leech into our food

16 December, 2014
photo of a no pesticides sign on an organic farm

Yes, organic can feed the world

We don’t need outdated technologies like GM to feed the world, a new analysis has shown.

12 December, 2014
Photo of parent & child cooking

Learning to cook helps kids make better food choices

Children who are involved in cooking, either in classes or at home,develop better food habits over the longer-term.

4 December, 2014
photo of a cup of tea with lemon

Citrus fruits, tea offer protection against ovarian cancer

A high flavonoids diet can substantially lower a woman’s risk of developing ovarian cancer, say UK researchers

3 November, 2014
100% natural label

‘Natural’ doesn’t mean GMO-Free

A new independent survey has found that nearly all the food products labelled ‘natural’ had substantial levels of GMOs in them

20 October, 2014
photo of granny smith apples

Granny Smith apples – your gut’s best friend?

All apples are a good source of non-digestible compounds which can improve gut health – but Granny Smith’s have more of what’s good for you

8 October, 2014
Photo of coconut oil

9 fats that should be part of a healthy diet

Fats are often considered the enemy of good nutrition, but when included in a healthy diet they boast many health benefits

19 September, 2014
photo of a fresh mango

Eating mangoes could help reduce blood sugar

Eating just 10 gm freeze-dried mango – equivalent to 100g fresh – has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, especially in obese people

18 September, 2014
Photo of measuring spoons full of salt

Sodium’s role in hypertension questioned

If you have high blood pressure, there are more effective things you can do than avoid salt, say French researchers

9 September, 2014
Close up photo of bananas

Potassium-rich foods cut risk of stroke and early death

New research shows that older women who eat foods with higher amounts of potassium may be at lower risk of stroke and death

8 September, 2014
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