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If you've never tried making your own beauty treats, these tried and tested NYR recipes are a great place to start

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Close up photo of a petrol nozzle

Health risks for women and men from industrial chemicals

Two new studies have linked industrial chemicals to breast cancer and damaged sperm – how many more before we take this stuff seriously?!

15 May, 2014
Photo of a woman carrying an anti-GMO protest sign on her back

USDA report shows GMOs bring few benefits

They don’t increase yields, they don’t increase profit, they don’t reduce the use of toxic pesticides – what exactly are GMOs good for?

26 February, 2014
Photo of the cover of the Dirty Dozen endocrine disrupters guide

New guide gives consumers the low-down on toxic chemicals

The new ‘Dirty Dozen’ list from the Environmental Working Group focuses on hormone disrupting chemicals in everyday products

4 November, 2013
Photo of a liquid soap containing triclosan

Bacterial resistance – another good reason to avoid triclosan

Triclosan – a synthetic antibacterial widely used in personal care products – is fuelling the development of resistant bacteria in streams and rivers

24 September, 2013
Photo composite illustrating a heat wave

Heatwaves can aggravate gastrointestinal problems

New evidence links the kind of extreme weather caused by climate change to gastrointestinal illness and IBD

16 August, 2013
Photo of a bee on a yellow flower

Victory! EU bans bee-harming neonics

Hurrah! The European Union has finally stepped up and banned three bee-harming neonicotinoid insecticides – but there’s still work to do

29 April, 2013
Photo of cleaning products in a kitchen

UN report: human health threat from environmental chemicals

A damning new analysis has concluded that toxic chemicals found in a range of everyday products are a global threat to health

20 February, 2013
Photo of a woman using an asthma inhaler

Cleaning products raise the risk of adult asthma

Chemicals and other substances used in many jobs can lead to a higher risk of adult onset asthma

22 January, 2013
Photo of a barrel of toxic substances

Tracking toxic exposures – a major new EU initiative

EU scientists will be using up to the minute technology to track our daily exposure to toxic chemicals and their effect on health

29 November, 2012
Photo of street lights at night

Melatonin disruption by ‘eco lighting’ a rising health threat

Evidence is piling up that eco-friendly LED lights, used in everything from street lamps to computers, cause health havoc

12 September, 2012
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