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Two weeks to better health?

The time to change your diet is now! Swapping to a healthy and/or organic diet can have a dramatic effect on health and the risk of disease in as little as two weeks

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Sausages on a grill

WHO agency: Processed meat is a human carcinogen

The scientific link between bowel cancer and processed meat such as bacon, sausages and deli meats is now stronger than ever.

26 October, 2015
plant foods

Fruit and vegetables protect mind as well as body

Eating a healthy diet – with plenty of fruit, vegetables, legumes, and nuts and low in processed meats – can help preventing the onset of depression.

24 September, 2015
photo of grilled fish

Eat fish to help curb depression risk

An international study has found that Europeans seem to benefit most, in terms of mental health, from a high fish diet.

16 September, 2015
photo of a diet drink

Diet soda drinkers eat more high calorie foods

New research shows that diet soda drinkers compensate by regularly including more high calorie foods in their daily diets

14 September, 2015
Photo of a bowl of chillies

Are spicy foods the key to a longer life?

Including spicy foods like chillies as part of your weekly diet is associated with a lower risk of disease and premature death, according a new study.

19 August, 2015
photo of polenta chips

It’s good to be a foodie

Although being a ‘foodie’ is associated with indulgence and excess, foodies tend to weigh less and may be healthier than their less-adventurous counterparts.

6 July, 2015
photo of blackcurrants

Blackcurrants boost brain health

Two varieties of blackcurrant have been found to reduce oxidative stress in the brain and boost cognitive performance and alertness in healthy individuals

29 June, 2015
photo of sauerkraut

Fermented foods calm social anxiety

Fermented foods can favorably change the environment in the gut, lowering feelings of self-consciousness, shyness and loneliness, according to US researchers

Photo of foods common to the Mediterranean diet

Balanced diet essential for mental health

New research argues that that the future of psychiatry should embrace nutrition as essential to maintaining better mental health and quality of life

16 June, 2015
ph0to of a man waiting for a prosate exam

Western diet worsens prognosis of prostate cancer

Surviving a diagnosis of prostate cancer can be greatly helped by switching from a high meat/high fat Western diet to a more healthy plant-based diet

10 June, 2015
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