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A guide to gentle detox

A gentle detox will do your whole system good - you should feel more energetic afterwards and your skin will look clearer and more radiant.

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Close-up photo of carrots

Can vitamin A stop cancer before it starts?

Tiny amounts of the vitamin A derivative, retionoic acid, may be able to stop pre-cancerous cells from developing into full-blown cancer

3 April, 2014
Photo of fresh vegetableson a chopping board

More fruit and veg – the ‘secret’ of a long, healthy life

Improvements in health rise and the risk of dying prematurely drops for every daily portion of fresh vegetables and fruits we consume, according to a new study

1 April, 2014
Photo of a pat of butter in the shape of a heart

Time to stop blaming saturated fat for heart disease?

A major new analysis has shown that, when it comes to heart disease, simplistic views of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fats are not based on sound science

24 March, 2014
Photo of bowls of herbs and spices

Using herbs and spices helps to cut back on salt

Findings from a new study show that people who are taught to use herbs and spices tend to use less salt in their day-to-day diets

20 March, 2014
Close up photo of an agave plant

Agave – creating a safer sweetener?

Agave plants contain natural substances that could be used to produce a safe a low-calorie sweetener, say scientists

19 March, 2014
Photo of meat and fish

Surf or turf? Scientists wrestle with the protein question (again)

Two new studies suggest that not all sources of dietary protein are the same and that the benefits of healthy protein are far more complex than we first thought

6 March, 2014
Photo of the word 'sugar' spelled out in granulated sugar

Added sugar – a health timebomb

Those who consume the most added sugar nearly triple their risk of dying from heart disease, say researchers

5 February, 2014
Photo of fresh fruits against a white background

Dietary flavonoids may protect against diabetes

Colourful fruits and vegetables, as well as tea and chocolates, contain antioxidant flavonoids that could help protect against diabetes

4 February, 2014
Photo of a hand crushing a diet soda can

Diet beverages no solution for weight loss

Regular consumption of diet sodas confuses the brain and causes you to eat more, study shows

21 January, 2014
Photo of a dairy cow eating grass

Organic milk contains more healthy fats than conventional milk

Organic milk , from grass-fed cows, contains a healthier balance of essential fatty acids and more protein than conventional milk, according to new research

12 December, 2013
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