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Tea and grape compounds could help burn fat

New evidence suggests that antioxidant polyphenols from grapes and green tea could help the body burn fat more efficiently.

12 July, 2016

Low fat chocolate more hype than help?

Scientists have shown that bombarding chocolate with electricity can lead to a reduction of fat content in the finished bar – but is fat really the problem with chocolate?

21 June, 2016

Risks may outweigh benefits with sugar substitutes

New evidence suggests that the bacteria in the gut may be able to break down artificial sweeteners, resulting in negative health effects.

26 May, 2016

Are low-fat diets a health time-bomb?

Urging people to follow low-fat diets and to lower their cholesterol is having “disastrous health consequences”, a health charity has warned.

24 May, 2016

Add pea fibre to aid weight loss

Consuming yellow pea fibre daily may help reduce body fat and energy intake in overweight and obese adults, according to a new study.

21 March, 2016

Enhancing your diet with avocado brings health benefits

Studies show that even a little shift, such as substituting avocados for less healthy sources of fat, can help keep your heart healthy.

7 March, 2016

Water drinking leads to healthier food choices

Increasing water consumption by as little as 1% has been shown to reduce total daily calorie, saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol intake.

4 March, 2016

Apples, pears and berries can keep you in the trim

A study into antioxidant consumption has found that anthocyanins, found in richly coloured fruits, can aid weight management.

9 February, 2016

Fish oil helps the body burn fat

Japanese scientists have found that supplementing with fish oil could help our bodies burn fat more efficiently

21 December, 2015

Chewing slower helps kids keep the weight off

It’s simple, inexpensive, doesn’t require taking any medications and, according to a new study, can help in the fight against childhood obesity.

18 December, 2015