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Hard water link to infant eczema

Living in a hard water area is associated with an up to 87% increased risk of eczema in very young children, according to a new study.

19 May, 2016

Treat kids’ tummy upsets with apple juice

Children with mild gastroenteritis and minimal dehydration can be effectively treated with diluted apple juice rather than electrolyte drinks.

3 May, 2016

Could omega-3s keep teen minds sharp?

Teens with the lowest omega-3 status performed worse on tests for memory and information processing; could supplements provide an easy and inexpensive solution?

22 February, 2016

High protein breakfast means kids eat less at lunch

Giving kids a healthy high protein breakfast can mean they eat fewer calories at lunchtime – potentially helping kids keep excess weight off

4 February, 2016

A ‘green’ view helps students concentrate

Giving students a classroom with a view of green spaces, can lower stress levels and significantly boost their academic performance, say researchers

25 January, 2016

In children with urinary tract infections, cranberry extract could help

Many studies show that cranberry extract can be an effective natural treatment for adults with UTIs; new research shows children may benefit too.

19 January, 2016

Acupuncture eases chronic pain in children

A recent study shows that acupuncture may be a safe and effective integrative medicine treatment for children suffering from chronic pain.

21 December, 2015

Herbs to improve focus and hyperactivity in children

Two recent studies suggest that some herbal remedies may help children with hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating.

3 November, 2015

Misbehaving toddlers? It could begin in the gut!

The next time your toddler acts adventurous, shy, fidgety or cuddly, the trigger could be the specific type of bacteria in his or her gut

1 June, 2015

Breastfeeding protects against a toxic environment

Breastfeeding babies for at least four months helps protect them against airborne toxins such as lead, arsenic and NO2, according to new research

1 June, 2015