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Skin foods – eat your way to beautiful skin

There are so many skin healthy foods that it can be hard to choose just a few; here are just 10 our absolute favourites.

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photo of signs saying phthalates

‘Safe’ phthalate substitutes just as risky to human health

Substituting ‘safe’ phthalates for toxic ones? New research suggests that kind of ‘greenwash’ just doesn’t wash

9 July, 2015
photo of a bucket of household cleaners

‘Cocktail’ of everyday chemicals contributes to cancer risk

A cocktail of 50 common chemicals, some found in foods and objects we use daily, could be contributing to the global cancer epidemic, new research has found

23 June, 2015
Photo of woman using face cream

Could parabens harm your unborn baby?

New evidence shows that parabens – widely used preservatives found in personal care products – can cross the human placenta.

28 May, 2015
Photo of bleach

Use of bleach in the home linked to more childhood infections

Passive exposure to bleach in the home is linked to higher rates of childhood respiratory illness and other infections, suggests new research

8 April, 2015
Photo of tap water in a glass

Water fluoridation linked to hypothyroidism

British researchers have found that fluoridating community water supplies results in a much higher risk of avoidable hypothyroidism

25 March, 2015
Photo illustrating hormone disrupting chemcials

Staggering health costs from hormone-disrupting chemcials in the EU

Hormone-disrupting chemicals like phthalates, organophosphates and bisphenol A in our environment and in products we use are costing the EU billions in disease and disability

6 March, 2015
Photo of a bag of carboxymethylcellulose

Emulsifier food additives promote inflammation, obesity

Emulsifiers, used widely in processed foods, can alter the natural balance of gut flora causing an inflammatory response linked to diseases like colitis and metabolic syndrome

2 March, 2015
photo of cadmiun

Feeling old? Cadmium exposure could be to blame

High exposure to the toxic metal cadmium prematurely ages cells, triggering a number of diseases as we age

8 January, 2015

That coffee cup may be BPA-free – but it’s still hormone-disrupting

Study shows that the resins used to make certain BPA-free plastics are estrogenic and can leech into our food

16 December, 2014
photo of sperm and an egg

Roundup herbicide damages sperm

Exposure to even low doses of Roundup – the herbicide used widely on GM crops – has the potential to damage fertility in men

13 June, 2014
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