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Skin foods – eat your way to beautiful skin

There are so many skin healthy foods that it can be hard to choose just a few; here are just 10 our absolute favourites.

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Photo of cosmetic microbeads

Microbeads in cosmetics – a bigger problem than we thought

A new analysis of conventional facial scrubs has shown that a 150ml product can contain millions of ocean-polluting microbeads.

26 August, 2015
Photo of woman using face cream

Could parabens harm your unborn baby?

New evidence shows that parabens – widely used preservatives found in personal care products – can cross the human placenta.

28 May, 2015
Photo of a wonam eating a carrot

Fruit & veg gives skin a sun-kissed glow

Forget sun beds, sunbathing and fake tanning lotions, say UK researchers; the secret to a sexy, healthy glow lies in eating your five-a-day

31 August, 2014
Photo of a woman using a facial wipe

Got an itch? Those ‘handy’ wipes could be to blame

Renown US dermatologist says its time we stopped using wipes preserved with the toxic preservative methylisothiazolinone (MIT)

5 March, 2014
Photo of a test tube containing green slime

Coming to a cosmetic near you – risky GMO ingredients

Well known cosmetic companies are investing in synthetic GMO technology to create novel ingredients

11 February, 2014
Photo of fish oil ina spoon

Marine fatty acids – a natural acne treatment

Applying fatty acids derived from seaweeds and fish to the skin may help boost the skin’s defences against acne

10 December, 2013
Photo of a tired woman

Sleep deprivation ages skin on multiple levels

How well you sleep can have a measurable impact on the health of your skin and the visible signs of ageing, according to new data.

1 August, 2013
Photo of a woman with a sun tan

Dietary omega-3s boost skin protection in the sun

Omega-3s from fish oil boost skin immunity and can work with other forms of protection to keep sun-exposed skin healthy

11 July, 2013
Photo of a lipstick print

Troubling levels of toxic metals found in lipstick

US researchers say levels of cadmium, chromium, aluminium and other metals in commonly used lipsticks are too high

2 May, 2013
Photo of a cup of reen tea

Green tea helps protect skin from sun damage

Just two cups of green tea a day could help prevent sun damage to skin – now if only we had some sun!

14 February, 2013
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