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Hard water link to infant eczema

Living in a hard water area is associated with an up to 87% increased risk of eczema in very young children, according to a new study.

19 May, 2016

Climate change gases make allergens more potent

If you think your seasonal allergies are getting worse, you could be right – and air pollution could be to blame

25 March, 2015

There’s more to gluten sensitivity than coeliac disease

US scientists have shown in a new study that gluten sensitivity can cause uncomfortable symptoms even in the absence of coeliac disease

3 March, 2015

Allergic reaction to antibiotic residues in foods? Watch out for what’s on your fruits and veggies

Even fruits and veggies can harbour antibiotic residues that can provoke allergic reaction, as a recent case study shows

4 September, 2014

Allergic to your mobile phone?

A new review shows mobile phones and related devices are sources of metal sensitisation and potential causes of allergic contact dermatitis in adults and children

21 May, 2014

Want seasonal allergy relief? Don’t stress!

Allergy season is gearing up – and being stressed could mean you are more likely to suffer flare-ups

3 April, 2014

Got an itch? Those ‘handy’ wipes could be to blame

Renown US dermatologist says its time we stopped using wipes preserved with the toxic preservative methylisothiazolinone (MIT)

5 March, 2014

‘Fermentable’ dietary fibre protects against asthma

A diet rich in fermentable fibre helps maintain a healthy gut and could hold the key to preventing asthma

7 January, 2014

Try probiotics to reduce severity of childhood atopic dermatitis

Supplementing with certain strains of probiotics could help lower the risk of a child developing atopic dermatitis, say researchers

4 December, 2013

Childhood eczema linked to antibiotic use

Children who take antibiotics in their first year of life are 40% more likely to develop eczema; damage to gut flora may be the key say researchers

15 July, 2013