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Pine bark extract improves memory, attention span

The combined anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-edema (anti-water retention) benefits of pine bark extract can keep the brain healthy, say experts

13 January, 2016

Low vitamin D hastens memory loss

A combination of poor diet and not enough sun may mean that older people are not getting enough vitamin D, with significant effects on brain performance

30 October, 2015

Chronic health problems more bearable with Tai Chi

Improved muscle strength, breathing and coordination are some of the benefits of regular practice of this gentle traditional Chinese exercise

21 September, 2015

Resveratrol shows potential as Alzheimer’s treatment

Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in foods such as red grapes, raspberries, dark chocolate and some red wines, shows promise as a way of treating Alzheimer’s say US scientists.

21 September, 2015

Can black tea help protect against Alzheimer’s disease?

We’re used to hearing good news about green tea, but did you know that black tea also has protective medicinal effects?

7 July, 2015

Aloe vera helps fight skin ageing from the inside

Oral supplementation with aloe vera sterols can help slow the signs of skin ageing in women over 40, according to Japanese researchers.

17 June, 2015

Chamomile tea ensures longer life for women

Here’s a health benefit most women didn’t expect from drinking a daily cup of chamomile tea – a lower risk of premature death from all causes

26 May, 2015

Daily pycnogenol improves memory, focus and mood

New research shows that a natural plant extract from French maritime pine tree could help boost memory and mental performance.

2 March, 2015

Cocoa can help boost brain health

The normal ageing of the brain can be slowed by getting more of the unique antioxidant flavanols in minimally processed cocoa powder

11 February, 2015

Feeling old? Cadmium exposure could be to blame

High exposure to the toxic metal cadmium prematurely ages cells, triggering a number of diseases as we age

8 January, 2015