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Ashwagandha’s anti-ageing effects revealed

Supplements of Ashwagandha root extract may work at a genetic level to slow the cellular ageing process, new research reveals.

30 November, 2016

Skin’s natural bacteria fights free radicals

An enzyme secreted by a common skin bacteria – the same one associated with acne – is as powerful as vitamins C and E in fighting off free radical skin damage.

14 November, 2016

Stronger muscles keep your brain young

New evidence shows that gradually increasing muscle strength through activities such as weightlifting improves cognitive function too.

27 October, 2016

Nutrient rich diet could help keep you younger for longer

A new study shows that regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, folate and potassium, earlier in life, can ‘delay biological ageing’.

24 October, 2016

‘Fountain of youth’ hormone triggered by diet

A low-protein, high-carbohydrate diet may be the most effective way to trigger a hormone with life-extending and obesity-fighting benefits.

11 October, 2016

Could vitamin E help prevent pneumonia in the elderly?

Taking 50mg of vitamin E decreased the risk of pneumonia in elderly male smokers by as much as 72% but, say researchers, the picture remains complex.

10 October, 2016

CoQ10 supplements could improve facial wrinkles

Supplementing with 150mg co-enzyme Q10 daily could help reduce wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and lips, according to a new study.

27 September, 2016

Mediterranean diet keeps you alive for longer

If you have heart disease, a Mediterranean style diet could reduce your risk of early death twice as much as conventional drugs.

30 August, 2016

Forgetful? Try eating a Mediterranean diet

New evidence shows that, in addition to being heart healthy, a Mediterranean diet can improve your memory and other brain functions, as well.

11 August, 2016

Acupuncture could help slow down memory loss

Used as an alternative or in combination with conventional treatment, acupuncture could be effective in delaying the mild cognitive impairment that often precedes dementia.

8 August, 2016