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Millions Against Monsanto

21 November, 2011

The Millions Against Monsanto campaign is the brainchild of the Organic Consumers Association in the US.

It’s goal is to to mobilize one million consumers to end Monsanto’s global corporate terrorism. If the word terrorism makes you uneasy consider this:

When we talk about PCBs, Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone, water privatization, biopiracy, untested/unlabeled genetically engineered organisms, or persecuting small family farmers, we are talking about the Monsanto Corporation.

You can help by signing The Millions Against Monsanto petition, demanding that the corporation:

  • Stop intimidating small family farmers
  • Stop force-feeding untested and unlabeled genetically engineered foods on consumers
  • Stop using billions of dollars of US taypayers’ money to subsidize genetically engineered crops such as cotton, soybeans, corn and canola

The campaing also lobbies vigorously for clear labelling of GM products that will give consumers the right to know exactly what’s in their food.

You can watch Millions Against Monsanto video here.