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Bee Lovely campaign is an award winner

27 November, 2011

This week our Bee Lovely and Save the Bees campaign won a prestigious award in the category of Best Green Educational and Sustainability Awareness at the International Green Awards. The award was presented in a glamorous ceremony at London’s Natural History Museum.

The Best Green Educational and Sustainability Awareness Award recognises the promotion of a ‘learning culture’ where knowledge can cascade through different levels. This could be a form of transformative learning, using practical ideas enabling people to live more sustainably.

The United Nation’s ‘Agenda 21’ was the first international document that identified education as an essential tool for achieving sustainable development and highlighted areas of action for education.

According to the judges, the winners were those campaigns that displayed the capacity to critique and debate sustainability issues, enabling the construction of knowledge and challenging current practices.

Peter Kindersley, Owner and Chairman of Neal’s Yard Remedies, accepted the award and commented:

“At Neal’s Yard Remedies, we’re passionate about healthy organic living, in harmony with nature. The humble bee is an undervalued yet essential part of our survival but they’re under attack and need our help. Our Bee Lovely Campaign set out to educate people on the importance of bees and the dangers they are facing and asked them to join our campaign and help save the bees. We’re absolutely delighted to get this international award and look forward to building on our campaign in 2012.’

You can see Peter talk more about the campaign in this video.