Photo of a bee on a white flower
Beautiful and vital to the health of the planet - help us save the bees [Image: Louise Docker - Wikimedia Commons]

Bee Lovely – a brand new buzz

8 August, 2012

Back by popular demand, Neal’s Yard Remedies has relaunched its Bee Lovely campaign which aims to highlight the alarming decline bees in the UK.

Last year the campaign won a Silver Award at the prestigious International Green Awards for helping to raise awareness of the pesticide threat to our bees.

This year the campaign – which goes into full swing August 15 – aims to build on the momentum of last year’s award winning campaign by informing, inspiring and empowering people to help fight to save our precious pollinators. Here’s what you can expect…

Sign the Bee Lovely Petition

As well as raising awareness for the plight of the bees, the Bee Lovely campaign will re-open a petition to ban the use of powerful pesticides, in particular the  neonictinoids (neonics) insecticides in the UK.

Using new technology, neonics penetrate the plant and attack the nervous system of insects that feed off them – posing a deadly threat to all pollinators. Neonics are 7000 times more toxic than DDT, a chemical pesticide the UK government banned in 1984. Find our more in our special guide The Problem with Pesticides and Neonicotinoids.

Last year over 92,000 people worldwide signed the petition and this year we need even more people to join the campaign.

The petition which is awaiting your signature now and will be taken to Downing Street when it reaches 100,000 UK signatures. Supporters will be able to sign it either in person at NYR stores nationwide or online.

Read the Bee Lovely and Help Save the Bees Book

Guest edited by campaigner Sam Roddick, the exclusive Bee Lovely and Help Save the Bees book will coincide with the launch of the new Bee Lovely Range of products (see below).

The Bee Lovely and Help Save the Bees Book details the problems facing UK bees and the reasons why they are disappearing.

It addresses the issues surrounding pesticides and the affects they are having on our natural pollinators, highlighting steps the public can take to help re-generate the UK bee population.

The Bee Lovely and Help Save the Bees book is available free to all customers in NYR stores nationwide from August.

Make the world a little bit more bee friendly

Bees need to forage and that means we need many more wild, unpolluted places with enough food to support them. They also need safe places to live. Our top tips to support our bees include:

  • Nettles are great for bees, the flowers provide nectar for them while the rest of the garden is still waking up.
  • Plant fruit trees. The bees get nectar from the beautiful blossom, and you get delicious home-grown fruit.
  • Try putting up a Bee House in your garden to attract Mason Bees.
  • Download our special guide to Bee-friendly Plants.

An easy way to donate to bee-friendly causes

Last year hrough sales of our Bee Lovely handcream we raised £13,460 for our partner charities Buglife, Landlife  and Pesticide Action Network UK .

This year we have a new Bee Lovely range which includes the new Bee Lovely Busy Bee Balm, Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Hand Wash join the much-loved Bee Lovely Hand Cream to create the first ‘Neal’s Yard Remedies family range’ suitable for adults and children aged 3 years and over.

Photo of Bee Lovely products by Neal's Yard Remedies

The new Bee Lovely range

Each product in the Bee Lovely range is Soil Association certified, and  features a beautiful blend of organic bee-friendly honey and energising organic orange and mandarin essential oils.

A proportion of the money earned from the sale of these products will go to  help save our precious bees that, along with other pollinators, keep our diets healthy and make the world a more beautiful place to live. Our 2012 Bee Lovely partner charities are:


We will be supporting their ‘Bee-Friendly Zone’ project, helping to create safe, pesticide-free areas across the UK where bees and other insects can nest and forage for pollen and nectar.


We will be supporting a project to create a matrix of ‘bee refuges’, including wild flower patches and foraging sites across the UK – some of which are 100 acres in size!

Friends of the Earth

We will be supporting their Bee Cause campaign which aims to introduce 60 bee-friendly meadows across the UK, as well as supporting educational activities such as Bee Walks in local communities.

Introducing the Bee Lovely Grant

In addition to our three bee lovely partners, 2012 sees the introduction of the Neal’s Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Grant which aims to provide support for local bee-friendly initiatives across the UK and applications will be accepted online and in-store.

You can be sure we’ll be busy saving the bees this year. Please join us and help make this the most successful campaign ever.