Our campaigns

Asking our MPs to save the bees!

Neal’s Yard Remedies recently joined campaigning groups Friends of the Earth and 38 Degrees to lobby MPs to keep bee-killing neonic insecticides out of our fields

Women helping women: NYR and Women for Women International

The Neal’s Yard Remedies/Women for Women International partnership benefits disadvantaged women across the world

Our view

Changing our consumption habits can protect the planet

Up to 60% of GHGs are linked to household consumption, so consumers have a huge impact on the planet; if you want to make a difference take a look at what you buy and eat.

Folic acid in our flour – food sense or counsel of despair?

Fortifying food with vitamins and minerals is a controversial way of making up for the nutrients missing in the modern diet. Is there a better way?

The campaigns we support

Citizens Concerned About GM – a new people’s campaign

Scientists, the media and Government are not asking the right questions about genetic modification; it’s time to bring some people power into the conversation

Will you help Take the Flour Back?

Join like-minded people for a day of action and celebration and help keep GM wheat out of UK fields and out of the UK food supply