Our campaigns

We’re campaigning to #BanTheBead

We’ve joined forces with other beauty brands in an open letter to the British Prime Minister encouraging him to bring in legislation banningthe use of microplastics in beauty products.

Asking our MPs to save the bees!

Neal’s Yard Remedies recently joined campaigning groups Friends of the Earth and 38 Degrees to lobby MPs to keep bee-killing neonic insecticides out of our fields

Our view

Children’s favourite fruits contain residues of multiple pesticides

Year upon year, the proportion of food that contains residues from multiple pesticides is increasing and kids are uniquely vulnerable to this contamination.

Changing our consumption habits can protect the planet

Up to 60% of GHGs are linked to household consumption, so consumers have a huge impact on the planet; if you want to make a difference take a look at what you buy and eat.

The campaigns we support

Citizens Concerned About GM – a new people’s campaign

Scientists, the media and Government are not asking the right questions about genetic modification; it’s time to bring some people power into the conversation

Will you help Take the Flour Back?

Join like-minded people for a day of action and celebration and help keep GM wheat out of UK fields and out of the UK food supply