Polenta with grilled vegetables

This antioxidant rich dish helps rejuvenate skin cells, promoting a smooth complexion as well as supporting healthy teeth and gums and strong nails.

Chickpea shakshuka

This classic Middle Eastern dish is spicy, hearty, uses inexpensive and healthy ingredients and can be made in a single pan. What’s not to love!?

Harmony juice

Perfect for when you’re feeling hot and bothered (and not necessarily with the weather!).

Barley risotto

There are many wonderful ways to eat barley. This risotto recipe is adapted by nutritionist Daphne Lambert from an ancient Roman cookbook.

Baobab and bee pollen yoghurt

This delicious recipe is full of functional foods to help boost your resistance to allergens in hayfever season.

Super focus matcha chai latte

This yummy spicy matcha latte makes a great start to the day if you want a little energy boost and greater focus.

photo of grilled salmon tacos

Grilled salmon tacos with avocado cabbage carrot slaw

A delicious take on a traditional taco, rich in healthy fats and high in fibre that can help balance blood sugar levels.

Quinoa, black lentil & roasted barley salad

A great recipe from Australia to celebrate the International Year of Pulses

Photo of chicken congee

Warm chicken congee

Congee is a thick soup popular in Asian cultures. It’s a soothing, nourishing food that is particularity suitable for those who are exhausted or convalescing.

photo of NYR superfood eggnog

Superfood eggnog

Packed full of ingredients that give you a natural lift, we think it’s the most delicious, superfood eggnog you will ever try!