Warm chicken congee

Congee is a thick soup popular in Asian cultures. It’s a soothing, nourishing food that is particularity suitable for those who are exhausted or convalescing.

Superfood eggnog

Packed full of ingredients that give you a natural lift, we think it’s the most delicious, superfood eggnog you will ever try!

Beauty balls

These delicious beauty boosting treats will make you feel good on the inside – and look great on the outside.

Super cool matcha mocktail

This ‘mocktail’ makes the perfect cooling drink on a hot summer’s day, or when you need a little boost of energy to blow the mental cobwebs away.

Fibre blend

A great quick to make bulking fibre blend with soothing properties to use if you’re prone to poor elimination, bowel irregularities

Tummy tonic

A deliciously soothing blend of superfoods to support a delicate tummy and promote good gut flora

Sprouted buckwheat and blueberry porridge

This lovely porridge, made with heart and gut healthy buckwheat, is a great way to start your day.

Spicy bean mini-wraps

These delicious veggie mini wraps are quick to make and packed full of goodness

Super antioxidant fruit compote

This is a scrumptious fruit compote is great added to porridge or yoghurt for a super antioxidant-packed boost

Vegetable quinoa

Quinoa is rich in protein and low in fat, ideal if you are trying to cut back on calories but not on taste or nutrients.