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A guide to gentle detox

A gentle detox will do your whole system good - you should feel more energetic afterwards and your skin will look clearer and more radiant.


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Photo of a airplane in the sky

Jet lag – how to arrive in better shape

Don’t let jet lag ruin your holiday. Here’s some practical and effective natural alternatives to help you keep going.

Photo illustrating what it feels like to be anxious

Effective alternatives for anxiety

Anxiety is a growing problem in our society. But before you reach for a bottle of tranquillisers – or anything stronger – try these natural approaches.


Photo of Nourishing Nut & Seed Loaf

Nourishing nut and seed loaf

Quick to make, nutrient-dense and gluten-free, this loaf is so delicious it won’t hang around long in your kitchen

Photo of a stalk of Yorkshire forced rhubarb

WHAT’S COOKING? Forced rhubarb

This great British delicacy is in season now and cooking brings out the flavour, as well as the vital nutrients

Health Tips

Photo of bladderwrack seaweed

Detox bath infusion

This mixture of seaweed, seeds, salt and essential oils is a great way to support detox – and can help relieve sore muscles too

Photo of a woman's neck with hives

Hives – natural alternatives to soothe and calm your skin

Hives can make a life a misery – try these natural remedies to help easy uncomfortable symptoms


Photo of fresh turmeric root

Turmeric – from the kitchen to the clinic

Turmeric contains potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which may account for its many medicinal benefits

Close-up photo of a garlic bulb

Garlic – one of our most valuable medicinal herbs

No other herb has had as many culinary and medicinal uses throughout history – now science is confirming its multiple benefits

Life Lessons

Photo illustrating the process of brainstorming ideas

Change your life: Brainstorm

Same old problems, same old solutions? You don’t have to go it alone if you learn how to brainstorm!

Photo of large letters spelling "yes"

Change your life: Say ‘yes’ to you…

Saying ‘No’ to the things that don’t truly serve you means that you are saying a resounding ‘Yes’ to yourself.

Q and A

Photo of various types of grape seed flour

Q&A: What is grape seed flour?

Grape seed flour is a relatively new cooking ingredient that is packed with antioxidants and other healthy nutrients – have you tried it yet?

Photo of a woman checking her thigh for cellulite

Q&A: What to do about water retention?

Water retention can leave you feeling puffy and uncomfortable – fortunately natural relief is at hand