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Make-at-home treats for a beauty boost

If you've never tried making your own beauty treats, these tried and tested NYR recipes are a great place to start


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Recent Articles


Photo of a happy older couple

Want to live longer? Here’s how!

Life’s too short – but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s 9 things you can do to live longer – and healthier

photo of blueberries

Skin foods – eat your way to beautiful skin

There are so many skin healthy foods that can help you look more radiant it’s hard to choose just a few; here are just 10 our absolute favourites.


Photo of vegetable quinoa medley

Vegetable quinoa

Quinoa is rich in protein and low in fat, ideal if you are trying to cut back on calories but not on taste or nutrients.

Photo of Neal's Yard Remedies granola

Super start granola

Start your day right with this really nutritious blend of oats, seeds, superfruits and superfood herbal powders


Photo of honey bees on a yellow flower

Is Roundup killing our honeybees?

Evidence is growing of a link between the world’s most widely used herbicide – Roundup – and Colony Collapse Disorder in bees. Is there a human health threat too?

photo of GMO cotton

Q&A: Why should I worry about non-food GMOs?

It’s a question that needs to be asked: if you don’t eat them are GMOs OK? The answer is definitely NO!

Health Tips

Photo of a depressed woman

Treating mild depression with homoeopathy

Gentle natural remedies like homoeopathy can help lift the gloom in cases of mild depression; here are some suggestions

Photo of oats

Oat milk – a natural sedative and stress-reliever

Oats are nutritious and have natural sedative properties; with added herbs they can be turned into the perfect nighttime drink for when you need to unwind and get a restful night’s sleep


Summer savoury has a milder therapeutic action than the winter variety and is more often used in cooking

Savory – 2015′s Herb of the Year

Savory, the International Herb Association’s Herb of the Year 2015, belongs to the mint family and has similar healthful properties for digestion and calming respiratory complaints

photo of garlic bulb

Herbal relief: Coughs & colds

Early treatment is the key to preventing coughs, colds, and flu from becoming too serious or developing complications. Try these herbal alternatives.

Life Lessons

photo illustrating a woman multitasking

Change your life: Busy vs. Productive

There’s a very clear distinction between being ‘busy’ and being ‘productive’ – can you spot it in your own life?

Photo illustrating an 'emotional bank account'

Change your life: Emotional bank account

A thought for ‘Blue Monday’: Depression is just one of many things that can result from a denial of the interdependent nature of our relationships.

Q and A

Photo of lemons

Q&A: Acid versus alkali foods

If you want to help maintain the alkaline balance of your body, you don’t need to eat only alkaline foods, just make sure they make up a good percentage of your diet

photo of liquorice root

Q&A: Natural help for healing stomach ulcers

Liquorice root is just one of many functional food and natural herbal approaches that can support healing a stomach ulcer.