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Managing bipolar disorder without medication

More than 60% of people with bipolar disorder stop taking their medication at some point – can treatment for this condition become less toxic and more empowering?

Disinfectant household cleaners could damage fertility

Hormone-disrupting ingredients used widely in household disinfectant sprays and other products could affect fertility in both men and women


Beauty balls

These delicious beauty boosting treats will make you feel good on the inside – and look great on the outside.

Super cool matcha mocktail

This ‘mocktail’ makes the perfect cooling drink on a hot summer’s day, or when you need a little boost of energy to blow the mental cobwebs away.


Is Roundup killing our honeybees?

Evidence is growing of a link between the world’s most widely used herbicide – Roundup – and Colony Collapse Disorder in bees. Is there a human health threat too?

Q&A: Why should I worry about non-food GMOs?

It’s a question that needs to be asked: if you don’t eat them are GMOs OK? The answer is definitely NO!

Health Tips

Top 5 tips for nutritional health

Eating well isn’t all that hard if you follow a few simple, sensible guidelines. Here are a handful that will immeasurably improve your diet and your health

Try cinnamon for painful periods

If you are suffering from painful periods consider reaching for the spice cupboard instead of the medicine cupboard.


Herbal relief: Pregnancy and birth

Several herbs can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms that are common to pregnancy and birth. Here’s what you can – and can’t – use.

Herbal relief: Women’s health

Herbal remedies have a long history of use in treating a range of discomforts and health problems that women experience throughout their lives.

Life Lessons

Change your life: Busy vs. Productive

There’s a very clear distinction between being ‘busy’ and being ‘productive’ – can you spot it in your own life?

Change your life: Emotional bank account

A thought for ‘Blue Monday’: Depression is just one of many things that can result from a denial of the interdependent nature of our relationships.

Q and A

Q&A: Do ‘meat-reducers’ get enough protein?

Most of us eat twice as much protein as we need – with potentially dire health consequences. Meat reduction may be a way of restoring balance

Q&A: Is sunscreen making my man infertile?

A Danish researcher has asserted that chemicals commonly found in cosmetics could be contributing to a wave of male infertility – is it true?

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Defining dietary diversity

Sorry, it’s not about how many varieties of crisps you eat

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