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What makes a ‘powerhouse’ vegetable?

Watercress, Chinese cabbage, chard and beet greens have been shown to provide the most nutrients per calorie


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Photo of a vial of MMR vaccine

Autism/MMR link – did US officials fiddle the figures?

A new study accuses a US government agency of altering its data before publication to hide a significant link between black children, the MMR vaccine and autism.

Photo of a woman at a standing desk

Health check: sitting versus standing

Alternating between sitting and standing at your desk may be healthier than sitting all day, studies show


Photo of tomato juice in a jug

Tomato salsa juice

This quick to make, spicy tomato juice has fortifying and an uplifting effect on mind and body

Photo of apricot and chickpea salad

Apricot and chickpea salad

This Turkish-inspired recipe is satisfying and delicious and can be made ahead of time to serve when you are ready

Health Tips

Photo of folate rich foods

Folic acid – fortification, supplements or foods?

Folic acid doesn’t just prevent neural tube defects – it has a role to play in cancer, heart disease and dementias as well – so how do we get enough?

photo of zinc supplements

Zinc – the metal of life

Zinc is a vital trace element, involved in numerous physiological processes; it is also a drug in the prevention of many diseases


Close up photo of oats in a field

Herbal relief: Skin and hair

Most skin problems require both internal and external approaches to healing; here’s some of our favourite herbal skin soothers

Photo of fennel seeds spilling out of a jar

Herbal relief: Improving digestion

Keeping the digestive system in good working order is essential to our well-being; here’s some herbs that can help

Life Lessons

biorhythms icon

Change your life: Natural energy cycles

Our mental, emotional and physical energies have their own rhythms; work with them, not against them

Close up photo of a gratitude journal

Change your life: Gratitude

You’ll be surprised at the impact that focusing on the positives can have to your attitude and sense of well-being

Q and A

Photo of a tap running water into a glass

Q&A: What’s the best type of water filter?

Lots of us worry about water quality and want to know what the best type of filtration is; but what’s ‘best’ often depends on what you want to filter out

Photo of a woman holding a hot water bottle

Q&A: Natural relief from PMS

Uncomfortable symptoms of PMS vary from woman to woman; before reaching for something stronger, try these natural alternatives

Newsletter Archive

Natural health

Turning flax into fish oil

The abracadabra of GMO camelina and the lie of ‘public good’

Natural health

Hug a tree, save your life

Planting more trees could have significant health benefits – especially for city-dwellers