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Simple remedies for coughs

Evidence consistently shows that cough medicines are not effective and may even have unwanted adverse effects. Try these simple remedies instead.


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Photo of a breast self exam

A ‘report card’ on complementary therapies for breast cancer

Complementary therapy use amongst women with breast cancer is particularly high, but which therapies can really help?

photo of a child eating a rice cake

High levels of cancer-causing arsenic in rice, so why isn’t it regulated in our food?

Rice is one of our major food staples globally, but how it is grown can leave us – and particularly children – vulnerable to arsenic poisoning.


Photo of risotto stuffed Ramiro peppers

Risotto stuffed ramiro peppers

Looking for something different for lunch of dinner? These gorgeous ramiro peppers bring flavour and colour to the table for a light meal option

Photo of tomato juice in a jug

Tomato salsa juice

This quick to make, spicy tomato juice has fortifying and an uplifting effect on mind and body

Health Tips

Photo of various sources of fish oil

Land or sea: what’s the best type of omega-3?

New research suggests that plant sources of omega-3s are just as heart healthy as fish sources, so choose according to your preference

Photo of Korean pine nut oil

7 ways to feel fuller for longer – without overeating

Cooking with foods and ingredients that have been scientifically proven to leave you feeling fuller could help with cravings and weight control; try these suggestions


Photo of borage flowers

Herbal relief: Mind & emotions

When the world makes you crazy, helpful herbal remedies can be just the thing to calm things down; here’s some great recommendations.

photo of crampbark berries

Herbal relief: Muscles & joints

Feeling achy? Here’s a handy chart of the herbs most commonly used to relieve joints and muscle pain.

Life Lessons

Photo of a fish jumping out of it's bowl

Change your life: Comfort- stretch- & panic-goals

Have you been drifting along in your comfort zone for too long? If so, maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit.

photo of 'dare to dream' written on a scrap of paper

Change your life: “If I really had my way…”

We all feel too busy to dream and certainly too busy to act on our dreams, but…what if we could make dreams come true?

Q and A

Photo illustrating leg cramp

Q&A: What to do about leg cramps?

Leg cramps can have multiple causes, which doctors can’t always identify or treat; try these helpful alternatives

Photo of a tap running water into a glass

Q&A: What’s the best type of water filter?

Lots of us worry about water quality and want to know what the best type of filtration is; but what’s ‘best’ often depends on what you want to filter out

Newsletter Archive

Handing the Letter from America in at Downing St

THAT comment by Vivienne Westwood…

…and why you shouldn’t believe everything you read

artificial sweeteners

Fake sugar, real problems

Soda companies are running scared from artificial sweeteners – with good reason