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From perspiration to world domination – the extraordinary science of sweat

It may be embarrassing sometimes, but without our ability to sweat when the going gets hot, humans would not have climbed their way to the top of the evolutionary pile.

How being in nature makes us appreciate our bodies and reject unrealistic beauty standards

A sense of connectedness to nature may help shift our attention onto more important things – like living a fulfilled life.


Harmony juice

Perfect for when you’re feeling hot and bothered (and not necessarily with the weather!).

Barley risotto

There are many wonderful ways to eat barley. This risotto recipe is adapted by nutritionist Daphne Lambert from an ancient Roman cookbook.


Is Roundup killing our honeybees?

Evidence is growing of a link between the world’s most widely used herbicide – Roundup – and Colony Collapse Disorder in bees. Is there a human health threat too?

Q&A: Why should I worry about non-food GMOs?

It’s a question that needs to be asked: if you don’t eat them are GMOs OK? The answer is definitely NO!

Health Tips

Natural remedies to ease asthma symptoms

Whether you use conventional treatment or not, there are natural remedies that can reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks and help manage the debilitating symptoms.

Beyond olive oil – alternatives for your healthy diet

Olive oil is great – but so are lots of other oils. If you’ve never experimented with the wealth of healthy oils out there, here are some tips to help you ring in the changes.


Herbal relief: Pregnancy and birth

Several herbs can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms that are common to pregnancy and birth. Here’s what you can – and can’t – use.

Herbal relief: Women’s health

Herbal remedies have a long history of use in treating a range of discomforts and health problems that women experience throughout their lives.

Life Lessons

Change your life: Busy vs. Productive

There’s a very clear distinction between being ‘busy’ and being ‘productive’ – can you spot it in your own life?

Change your life: Emotional bank account

A thought for ‘Blue Monday’: Depression is just one of many things that can result from a denial of the interdependent nature of our relationships.

Q and A

Q&A: Fluoride in tea?

Tea plants naturally accumulate fluoride as they grow – but is it the fluoride or something else that we should be worrying about?

Q&A – Cupping: suck it and see?

The spectre of Olympic athletes covered in dramatic circular bruises has prompted many to ask whether the ancient Chinese therapy called cupping really works.

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Edible food packaging

Eco-saviour or Just another bandwagon to jump on?

It’s the immune system, dummy

The immune system doesn’t just protect the body, it also protects the mind.