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Summer is the season of the heart [Image: kokabella - Morguefile]


18 June, 2012

In this series of articles we have moved through the autumn, winter, spring and our journey together culminates in summer, the most active and expansive of all seasons.

We have learned how each season is governed by the force which ancient Chinese recognised as natural elements. Autumn is governed by the metal, which generates the water in the depth of the earth and enables the season of winter, water nourishes the element of wood which governs the season of spring and wood feeds the element of fire which governs the summer itself.

While the spring manifests the whole new cycle, out of the seed nurtured by the winter, the summer ripens all, allowing for the utmost expansion and fruition of everything in nature from plants to our own creative ideas and projects.

The cyclical phenomena in our world are generated by the interdependent relationship of natural forces which govern the progression through the elements, manifest different seasons, and lead to expansion, contraction, growth and decline of all in nature.

The element of fire

Fire, the element of summer, comes with warmth, light and movement. The fire of expanding life, lit at the onset of creation, blazes throughout the summer, shines in the spring, glows in the autumn and only flickers through the winter.

Summer’s direction is the south; birds naturally know it, plants know it and so do we. The colour associated with the fire element is red.

The major growth and outward movement can only be afforded by summer’s heat and light. During summer everything in nature is striving to reach its full potential and all that can bear fruit endeavour to flower and reproduce.

Summer sunshine and luscious nature, adorned in its most glorious colours, woos us outdoors to joyously play.

Awakening passion

Summer wakes up the passion, sexual desire, creativity and liveliness. And of course, often even in our everyday language we speak of fire as a metaphor for passion, a wild flame that consumes or smouldering, slow burning expression of creative potential.

Heart and small intestine are the organs relative to the fire element as well as our tongue.

The most profound expression of fire nature is exhibited by our mind and consciousness. The ability to speak, the experience of emotional warmth, joy, and laughter all have fire quality to them. The bodily secretion of sweat is expression of fire element at work.

Our mind, divine inspiration, wisdom and concentration all bear a mark of a fire element.

The mystery of life

There is so much mystery to our hearts and it is an insult to nature to view it simply as a mechanical pump that propels the blood throughout the body.

Consider this: the heart beats 100 000 times a day, 40 million times a year, 3 billion times in 70-80 years of human life; it enables the movement of two gallons of blood per minute, 100 gallons per hour that travels through 60 000 miles of blood vessels.

The heart communicates with the rest of the body including the brain neurologically (through nerve impulses), biochemically (via hormones and neurotransmitters, biophysically (through pressure waves), and energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions).

A field of energy

The heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body.

It’s electromagnetic field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. The electromagnetic field generated by heart and measured with magnetic field meter is 5000 times more powerful than that created by brain.

It is felt most strongly at the body surface and extends in all directions further than the currently available measuring devices can detect.

The whole of the body is enveloped in the electromagnetic field generated by the heart. The information embedded within that field is communicated to the external world through electromagnetic waves, reaching out from the body.

The blood flow, conducts electromagnetic impulses throughout the body so the blood carries electrical messages as well as a pulse waves.

A sense of connection

All living organisms including plants possess such electromagnetic patterns.

The Earth’s magnetic field a constantly shifting, living field contains us all. It provides the matrix through which we all materialise, weaving us all as a thread into one fabric of life.

Often an encounter with wild landscapes leaves us with sense of belonging, because we ourselves are intimate part of the ecosystem, of the Earth’s biosphere. Our birth is an event not only to our parents but to the Earth herself as well as the larger Universe.

When the dynamic electromagnetic field of our heart encounters the electromagnetic field of another, whether a person, plant or even landscape, we feel range of emotional impressions. This is our experience of the information encoded within these encountered electromagnetic fields.

The heart’s electromagnetic waveforms are experienced as emotions. These are reflected as our emotions, and expresses who we are, how we experience and are experienced by the life outside.

Through heart’s electromagnetic field we synchronise with the other types of electromagnetic fields in our immediate ecosystem.

The human heart has been considered the source of emotion, courage and wisdom throughout the ages, but heart as the sun in the human universe brings another dimension to seeing ourselves. We are beginning to understand ourselves as a composition of many communities of life.

The centre of our personal universe

When we view ourselves on the cellular level we resemble the universe itself. This is well summed up in the poem by Rudolf Steiner:

In the heart –

a human organ of all organs

containing matter

more spiritual than any other.

In the heart –

matter revealing spirit

more than any other.

In the heart –

the Sun in the human universe.

In the heart –

we are closest

to the deepest

source of our being

We are beginning to see that our emotional and physical well-being depends on synchronised interplay between different communities of life that form our organism i.e. molecules, cells, organs.

In words of cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton from The Biology of Belief: “For billions of years, cellular living systems have been carrying out an effective peace plan that enables them to enhance their survival as well as the survival of other organisms in the biosphere. Imagine population of trillion individuals living under one roof in a state of perpetual happiness. Such community exists – it is called the healthy human body”.

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