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A gentle detox will do your whole system good - you should feel more energetic afterwards and your skin will look clearer and more radiant.

Eczema – get relief with homoeopathy

13 September, 2011

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Staphysagria 6c – The eczema forms dry thick scabs and can itch violently. An odd characteristic is that when one area is scratched, another starts to itch.

The emotional aspect to this remedy cannot be ignored as it is primarily used after anger or humiliation. The person needing this remedy may feel easily insulted, be very sensitive, and hold in aggression. The eczema can be the body’s attempt to release the hostility.

Nat mur 6c – Here the eczema tends to be in the folds of the skin and appears red and inflamed. The eczema can also be along the hairline, behind the ears and in the joints such as behind the knees and in the elbows. The lips can be cracked, particularly the lower lip.

A leading indication for the remedy can be an intense craving for salt. People needing this remedy will tend to avoid the heat of the sun, may feel better or worse at the seaside and potentially have a history of suppressed sadness or disappointment.

Rhus tox 6c – This remedy is useful for when the skin is dry, swollen, red and intensely itchy. Tiny prickly blisters can appear and either have clear or pussy liquid in them when squeezed.

There may be a tendency to suffer from stiff sore muscles or joints and lower back pain. Much like Arsenicum, people needing this remedy may find their eczema feels better with heat, especially a very hot bath or shower.

Hepar sulph 6c – If your eczema starts to look, feel or smell as though it is becoming infected, add Hepar sulph 6c three times a day along with increasing the Calendula 30c to three times a day. Be sure to drink masses of water and get extra sleep.

If you do not see improvement in three days or it becomes much worse, you must see your doctor. You will probably be given antibiotics and steroid creams. That is okay. Use the cream sparingly and then once the infection is gone, come off of it again.

Urtica urens 6c – Typically used for hives, this remedy is excellent when there has been an immediate allergic reaction and the skin starts to swell into raised red blotches. This can very rapidly turn into a patch of eczema so try and calm down the reaction before that happens. This remedy is also very good for allergic responses to bee stings and shellfish.