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Eczema – get relief with homoeopathy

13 September, 2011

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Homoeopathic remedies

With homoeopathy you choose the remedy that best matches your particular eczema symptoms. If your eczema seems to go through cycles of different stages, simply choose the best ‘fit’ at the time and if the symptoms change then change the remedy to the one that best covers the characteristics of your eczema at that time.

Before you do this, you might also consider taking the remedies Psorinum and Calendula as a general preparation.

Psornium 30C helps most skin complaints, particularly when of an allergic or inherited origin. It should also help with the dreaded itching and scratching that leads to tearing the layers of the skin. Put a couple of pills into a large bottle of water and sip it throughout the day. If this remedy isn’t helping within three weeks, discontinue and contact a professional.

Additionally in the beginning stages I recommend Calendula 30C taken daily to help speed healing. The main aim is to make your skin intact again and heal the damaged layers of tissue.

Once your skin is in one piece again, so to speak, keeping it there is much easier.

Choose the remedy that most closely matches your symptoms from the list that follows and take one 6c potency twice a day (one morning and one evening):

Sulphur 6c – Known for its affinity to the skin, Sulphur is excellent for eczema that is dry, burning hot and bleeds after being scratched. The patches can look denuded, as though scalded, and the itching can be intolerable, with the person being unable to stop tearing at the skin.

The eczema will be particularly sore after bathing as water aggravates the skin. Heat can also trigger the eczema, particularly on becoming too hot in bed, after exercise, wearing wool next to the skin or in hot weather. The Sulphur patient may want something cool on the eczema for relief but often any sort of pressure sets off the itching.

Graphites 6c – In this case the eczema is oozy, weepy and forming crusts that are sticky with a yellowish tinge. The fluid that weeps may be thin, gluey and seemingly never ceasing. There can also be cracking of the skin, often behind the ears, in the corners of the eyes or mouth, toes, anus, nipples and fingers.

I have often found a Graphites eczema picture to be closely linked to Sulphur and the two can alternate rapidly.

Arsenicum 6c – This remedy has rough and scaly eczema that can burn or swell. The skin may also be terribly dry and look like parchment. The eczema may alternate with hay fever or asthma symptoms producing a thin, watery, burning discharge from the nose and eyes.

Arsenicum patients are typically worse late at night, tend to be very restless, and suffer great mental anguish with the eczema. The pain they feel is of a burning nature that unusually is better from warm water or warm dry applications, (the opposite of Sulphur). They can be very fastidious and impatient, with anxiety and stress triggering a flare up.