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How walking benefits the brain

A new study has shown that walking has an ‘hydraulic effect’ on the body can help regulate blood flow to the brain aiding both health and a sense of well being.

How seaweed helped build the human brain

A steady diet of nutrient-rich foods like seaweed may have helped the human brain make the huge leaps in evolution that separated us from other early hominids.

Lutein protects the brain as well as the eyes

Decades of research show that lutein can delay or prevent age related macular degeneration – but new evidence shows the brain needs it to stay young as well.

Napping gives your brain a boost

No pills or potions needed? A regular nap after lunch could help preserve your brain as you get older, according to new research.

Mediterranean diet stops your brain shrinking

New research shows the combination of healthy foods common in Mediterranean style eating could help keep your brain young.

Five ways Christmas affects your brain

Christmas can be a time of stress as well as relaxation. But whether you love or hate Christmas it’s definitely one of those challenges that, science shows, can alter your brain in unique ways.

Treating Parkinson’s through the gut – instead of the brain

The most promising way to treat Parkinson’s – and other related neurodegenerative diseases – may be with the balance of bacteria in the gut, say scientists

Hurrah! Chocolate eaters may have better brains

A little of what you fancy does do you good! A 30-year study is one of the first to link regular chocolate consumption over the long-term with better brain performance.

Stronger muscles keep your brain young

New evidence shows that gradually increasing muscle strength through activities such as weightlifting improves cognitive function too.

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