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Lack of social connections and feelings of loneliness and depression raise your risk of premature death more than obesity

Healthy ageing has little to do with age

Feelings of loneliness and depression are better predictors of how long you will live than how much you weigh, according to a new US study.

Antioxidant polyphenols from grapes and green tea could help the body burn fat more efficiently.

Tea and grape compounds could help burn fat

New evidence suggests that antioxidant polyphenols from grapes and green tea could help the body burn fat more efficiently.

Cereal grains protect health in a variety of unique ways.

Eat more cereal fibre to reduce heart disease & cancer deaths

A new analysis claims that regularly eating cereal fibre could reduce the risk of heart disease-related deaths by up to 18% and cancer deaths by 15%.

Targeted, individualised nutritional therapy may be the best way to keep pregnant women healthy.

Are supplements in pregnancy ‘unnecessary’?

We need healthy mothers to make healthy babies, so why are pregnant women still getting confusing and inadequate advice on nutrition and supplements?

We still understand so little about why pain can persist long after an injury is 'healed'.

What is chronic pain and why is it hard to treat?

Unrelieved pain contributes more to human suffering than any other disease; it’s time to understand more about what causes it.

Using mindfulness to stay focused on the present can help prevent relapses in depression.

Mindfulness is not a waste of time – it can help treat depression

Critics say it has been corrupted from its Buddhist roots, but mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MCBT) is helping people to avoid relapses into depression.

In the EU several health claims are allowed on food for antioxidants.
Q and A:

Q&A: Antioxidant health claims

Whether you are eating them or putting them on your skin antioxidants have verifiable benefits for both health and beauty.