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Top pick: Garlic – one of our most valuable medicinal herbs

Garlic – one of our most valuable medicinal herbs

No other herb has had as many culinary and medicinal uses throughout history - now science is confirming its multiple benefits

Photo of a toddler with a cold

Probiotic & vitamin C combo keeps kids well in the winter

A single daily dose of vitamin C and probiotics could reduce coughs, colds and days off school by as much as 30%, say researchers

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Artificial sweeteners trigger glucose intolerance, metabolic disease

Artificial sweeteners – promoted as aids to weight loss and diabetes prevention – may be contributing to the global epidemic of obesity and diabetes

Photo of coconut oil

9 fats that should be part of a healthy diet

Fats are often considered the enemy of good nutrition, but when included in a healthy diet they boast many health benefits

photo of a fresh mango

Eating mangoes could help reduce blood sugar

Eating just 10 gm freeze-dried mango – equivalent to 100g fresh – has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, especially in obese people

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Life Lessons:

Change your life: Soft time

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to do something you didn’t HAVE to do?

photo of crampbark berries


Herbal relief: Muscles & joints

Feeling achy? Here’s a handy chart of the herbs most commonly used to relieve joints and muscle pain.

Photo of risotto stuffed Ramiro peppers


Risotto stuffed ramiro peppers

Looking for something different for lunch of dinner? These gorgeous ramiro peppers bring flavour and colour to the table for a light meal option

Photo of white beans on a black slate

Health Tips:

Non-dairy sources of calcium

You can get dietary calcium from sources other than dairy foods, here’s a list of some of the best foods to try.

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Concerned about genetic modification? Join this people's campaign!

Citizen's concerned about GM

Citizens Concerned About GM – a new people’s campaign

The use of genetic modification (GM) in food and farming is on the increase and is being heavily promoted by government- linked industry.

But evidence continues to emerge of the very real risks:

• to human and animal health
• to biodiversity and the environment
• of contamination of non-GM crops

Citizens Concerned About GM is a group of people who want a real debate about genetic modification; who want questions asked and answered; open, transparent discussions that are not dominated by the interests of multinational corporations. See the NYR Natural News article here.

PLEASE JOIN US  in publicly expressing concern about GM technology and its impacts. Visit our website and add your name to the list of “Citizens Concerned About GM”.