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Top pick: Garlic – one of our most valuable medicinal herbs

Garlic – one of our most valuable medicinal herbs

No other herb has had as many culinary and medicinal uses throughout history - now science is confirming its multiple benefits

Photo of a woman looking at herself in a mirror

Self-compassion beats self-esteem for healthy body image

Regardless of their weight, women with higher self-compassion have better body image and are better able to cope with life’s ups and downs, according to new research.

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‘Natural’ doesn’t mean GMO-Free

A new independent survey has found that nearly all the food products labelled ‘natural’ had substantial levels of GMOs in them

photo of older people exercising

Sedentary lifestyle leads to depression

Regular physical workouts are good for the brain, researchers say, helping to alleviate depression and also maintain memory and communication skills.

Photo of feet walking on a treadmill

Lifestyle changes prevent bowel cancer

A combination of five key healthy behaviours is associated with a reduction in the risk of developing bowel cancer by more than a third

Photo of Korean pine nut oil

Health Tips:

7 ways to feel fuller for longer – without overeating

Cooking with foods and ingredients that have been scientifically proven to leave you feeling fuller could help with cravings and weight control; try these suggestions

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Herbal relief: Mind & emotions

When the world makes you crazy, helpful herbal remedies can be just the thing to calm things down; here’s some great recommendations.

photo of beakers of chemicals

Our view:

The natural history of toxic chemicals

The bad news? It can take 30 years from the emergence of a toxic chemical to seeing it finally withdrawn. The good news? Public engagement can speed the process up!

Photo of a busy woman

Life Lessons:

Change your life: What are you avoiding?

Making ourselves busy can be the most wonderfully clever strategy for avoiding something that really needs attention in our lives.

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