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Top pick: Skin foods – eat your way to beautiful skin

Skin foods – eat your way to beautiful skin

There are so many skin healthy foods that it can be hard to choose just a few; here are just 10 our absolute favourites.

high protein foods

High protein foods boost cardiovascular health

Eating foods rich in amino acids could be as good for your heart as stopping smoking or getting more exercise.

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photo of gut bacteria

Gut bacteria may influence heart disease risk factors

Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered new types of bacteria that can influence weight, cholesterol and body fat levels

photo of glasses of espresso

How caffeine resets your body clock

New evidence shows that drinking strong coffee three hours before bed-time can give you ‘jet lag’ by turning the body clock back nearly an hour.

photos of two women doing yoga

Yoga improves arthritis symptoms and mood, study finds

Yoga can be a safe – and effective – way to improve wellbeing for people with arthritis.

photo of a world map made from food & spices


Some cancer fighting foods that might surprise you

Strong evidence shows that a diet filled with a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans helps lower risk for many cancers. Try these unusual choices.

photo of Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Balls


Beauty balls

These delicious beauty boosting treats will make you feel good on the inside – and look great on the outside.

photo of chemicals in beakers


Scientists speak out: Exposure to toxic chemicals threatens human reproduction and health

An international consortium of scientists and doctors say it’s time for health professionals across the globe to step up and advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment.

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Health Tips:

Want an immune system boost? Spend time in nature!

Exposure to nature switches the body into “rest and digest” mode where it can nourish, repair and promote well-being

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Side effects? Adverse effects!

Whatever you choose to call them, they are on the rise…

The label on the average commercial drug product lists 70 different potential adverse effects. In a study appearing in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers found that with more commonly prescribed drugs the number of listed adverse effects averaged around 100. The 2011 study ,which involved analysis of more than 5,600 drug labels and more than half a million labelled effects found that a single label listed as many as  535 adverse reactions. The number of potential adverse effects of modern medicine can overwhelm doctors trying to weigh the risks and benefits when prescribing a medicine.

And it’s not good news for patients either!