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Mixed carotenoids could help tackle obesity in kids

Supplementing with a mixture of carotenoids and vitamin E could help overweight children manage their weight more effectively.

Almonds help clear cholesterol from the blood

A daily almond snack not only increases levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, it makes it more active, helping to reduce overall levels of cholesterol in the body.

Yoga keeps your brain going strong

Regular practice of yoga can improve the structure of areas of the brain associated with attention and memory, suggesting that yoga could help protect against cognitive decline in old age.


Intermittent fasting could help tackle diabetes – here’s the science

Skeptical about the healthy benefits and effectiveness of intermittent fasting? Research suggests it’s not just a health gimmick.


Gluten-free products – not as healthy as we think?

There’s more to a healthy gluten-free lifestyle than avoiding gluten. Studies show that gluten-free products can be less nutritious than conventional ones, often higher in fat, salt and sugar and lower in fibre.


What happens to your body when you’re stressed

These are stressful times and stress can cause physiological and emotional havoc in your body. Many of the ‘coping strategies’ we use only make it worse so learn to manage your stress, before it manages you.


Are nightshade vegetables bad for you?

Some argue that nightshade vegetables cause various health issues, but how strong is the evidence? A nutritionist takes an interesting look at the research for and against.