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Top pick: 9 natural ways to relieve sinusitis

9 natural ways to relieve sinusitis

Before you reach for that decongestant spray or pills, try these natural remedies for sinusitis.

Photo of acupuncture points around the knee

Acupuncture relieves pain, anxiety in the same way as drugs

New evidence suggests that acupuncture impacts the same biologic pathways as conventional drugs used to combat pain and stress.

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photo of a stressed market trader

Stressed, ‘hormonal’ traders may destabilise financial markets

Stressed out market traders may be at the mercy of their hormones – and making bad financial decisions as a result, a new study shows.

photo of elderberries

Elderberry keeps air travellers breathing easily

New evidence shows that elderberry extract can help prevent respiratory infection commonly linked with long haul flights.

photo of garlic

Garlic extract combats antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections

Garlic extract may be an effective weapon against multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria known to cause urinary tract infections, according to Indian researchers

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Health warning: five fashion trends that are terrible for you

Can fashion damage your health? Like it or not, studies show some fashions really can!

photos of seeds


Q&A: High selenium foods

Selenium is an essential trace element necessary the prevention of disease; here’s how to get more from your diet

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Super cool matcha mocktail

This ‘mocktail’ makes the perfect cooling drink on a hot summer’s day, or when you need a little boost of energy to blow the mental cobwebs away.

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Side effects? Adverse effects!

Whatever you choose to call them, they are on the rise…

The label on the average commercial drug product lists 70 different potential adverse effects. In a study appearing in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers found that with more commonly prescribed drugs the number of listed adverse effects averaged around 100. The 2011 study ,which involved analysis of more than 5,600 drug labels and more than half a million labelled effects found that a single label listed as many as  535 adverse reactions. The number of potential adverse effects of modern medicine can overwhelm doctors trying to weigh the risks and benefits when prescribing a medicine.

And it’s not good news for patients either!