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Get kids outdoors to prevent nearsightedness

Daily exposure to outdoor light is beneficial for children in multiple ways; now new research shows it can help promote healthy eye development and reduce the risk of myopia.

What’s behind the house dust link to obesity?

A pioneering study from the US has shown that hormone-disrupting chemicals commonly found in house dust can trigger fat cells to accumulate more fat.

New cure for insomnia – feeling useful

The deep connection between mind and body is highlighted in a study showing that a greater sense of purpose in life can cut sleeplessness due to sleep apnea and restless legs by more than half.

photo of man using sweetener

More evidence that low-calorie sweeteners are bad for your health

Studies show that artificial sweeteners can raise the risk of hypertension, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and heart disease, including stroke.


Plastic pollution – beyond cosmetic microbeads

Polyester and acrylic clothing sheds hundreds of thousands of plastic fibres each time it is washed – and guess where it ends up? A new perspective on what pollutes our oceans.


Vitamin D guidelines need to be updated – here’s why

The two forms of vitamin D – D3 and D2 – are generally treated as equivalent in nutritional guidelines. But new evidence suggests one is better than the other for raising blood levels of this essential nutrient.

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More ways for you to help protect our bees

A new addition to the Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Bee Lovely range ensures our ongoing commitment to our campaign help save the bees – and here’s a few more tips for what you can do to show our bees some love.