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Top pick: Turmeric – from the kitchen to the clinic

Turmeric – from the kitchen to the clinic

Turmeric contains potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which may account for its many medicinal benefits

Photo of rosa chinensis

Edible flowers pack an antioxidant punch

A new study has found that edible flowers aren’t just a pretty garnish. They may actually be good for us too!

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Photo of dark chocolate pieces and cocoa powder

Trust your gut – it loves chocolate too!

A unique new study has shown that good bacteria in the gut turn dark chocolate into anti-inflammatory compounds that protect the heart

Korean ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng, has immune-stimulating properties against flu and other respiratory infections

Ginseng can prevent and treat influenza

New research evidence shows that Korean (Panax) ginseng can help treat and prevent influenza and and other respiratory infections of the lungs

Photo of a group of people smiling

If you want to be happy… act happy

The more we engage in extroverted and outgoing behaviour the happier we are, according to the findings of a new study

Photo of actress Cameron Diaz no makeup selfie


Reaction to no makeup selfies reveals how most of us really feel about cosmetics

We may find it hard to believe ourselves, but research shows that when it comes to makeup, less can make us more attractive to others

Photo of an infant drinking from a bottle


Increased seizure risk in autistic children – is there a GMO link?

Around 95% of US soya is genetically modified. Now researchers say that this soya used in infant formula may increase seizures in autistic children

Photo of a woman leaping from a rock

Life Lessons:

Change your life: The three frogs

If you’re not ready to start moving towards a major goal or dream, here’s a nice, gentle way to get into action

Photo of a airplane in the sky


Jet lag – how to arrive in better shape

Don’t let jet lag ruin your holiday. Here’s some practical and effective natural alternatives to help you keep going.

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Concerned about genetic modification? Join this people's campaign!

Citizen's concerned about GM

Citizens Concerned About GM – a new people’s campaign

The use of genetic modification (GM) in food and farming is on the increase and is being heavily promoted by government- linked industry.

But evidence continues to emerge of the very real risks:

• to human and animal health
• to biodiversity and the environment
• of contamination of non-GM crops

Citizens Concerned About GM is a group of people who want a real debate about genetic modification; who want questions asked and answered; open, transparent discussions that are not dominated by the interests of multinational corporations. See the NYR Natural News article here.

PLEASE JOIN US  in publicly expressing concern about GM technology and its impacts. Visit our website and add your name to the list of “Citizens Concerned About GM”.