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Top pick: House plants – a natural way to improve indoor air quality

House plants – a natural way to improve indoor air quality

There are big benefits from having plants in your home - one of the big ones is helping to keep levels of indoor air pollution down

photo of probiotic yoghurt

Daily probiotics can improve blood pressure

Whether taken as yoghurt, fermented and sour milk and cheese, or supplements, regular probiotics can have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.

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Photo of a bottle of oregano oil

Essential oils – a better way to preserve food?

Scientists have found that many natural essential oils have properties that can keep bacteria and fungi at bay and can help prevent food from spoiling

Photo of a chocolate cupcake

Stressed? Depressed? Stay away from high fat meals!

Eating a high fat meal when you are stressed – even if it contains ‘healthy’ fats – can significantly slow your metabolism down, say scientists

Close up photo of acupuncture on the back

Acupuncture cools hot flashes

A new analysis shows that acupuncture, in all its forms, can give long-lasting benefits to women suffering from hot flashes

NYR's revitalising retreat is held at Hotel Vivenda Miranda in Portugal; a small family run boutique hotel overlooking the sea


Cleanse & Revitalise – A luxury NYR spa retreat in Portugal

If you are in need of some rest and revitalisation why not enjoy this special NYR retreat in the beautiful Algarve

Photo of a green smoothie


Get your greens

Green foods are rich in chlorophyll – a powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent – and essential minerals. Here are some of our favourites

photo of zinc supplements

Health Tips:

Zinc – the metal of life

Zinc is a vital trace element, involved in numerous physiological processes; it is also a drug in the prevention of many diseases

Photo of a broom on bare floorboards

Life Lessons:

Change your life: Clearing the decks

Feeling swamped? It’s time to be ruthless with all those unnecessary things that are cluttering up your diary.

Homoeopathy - small doses, big effects
What's the scoop on chia seeds?
Check out our amazing natural health & beauty courses
Walkable neighbourhoods reduce obesity & diabetes
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Green tea - think outside the bag
Is there a link between pesticides and autism?

New to complementary medicine?

Our aim is to help you feel confident in your natural health choices.
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Concerned about genetic modification? Join this people's campaign!

Citizen's concerned about GM

Citizens Concerned About GM – a new people’s campaign

The use of genetic modification (GM) in food and farming is on the increase and is being heavily promoted by government- linked industry.

But evidence continues to emerge of the very real risks:

• to human and animal health
• to biodiversity and the environment
• of contamination of non-GM crops

Citizens Concerned About GM is a group of people who want a real debate about genetic modification; who want questions asked and answered; open, transparent discussions that are not dominated by the interests of multinational corporations. See the NYR Natural News article here.

PLEASE JOIN US  in publicly expressing concern about GM technology and its impacts. Visit our website and add your name to the list of “Citizens Concerned About GM”.