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A new government report urges the UK to ban microbeads in cosmetics.

UK government urged to ban microbeads

A new report by the UK’s Environmental Audit Committee urges the UK government to ban microbeads in cosmetics.

For fibromyalgia sufferers who find walking difficult, swimming can provide significant pain relief.

Swimming – effective relief for fibromyalgia pain

Results of this new trial have shown that swimming is as beneficial as walking for relieving the pain of fibromyalgia and improving quality of life for sufferers.

Citrus fruits contain powerful antioxidants that can prevent cellular damage.

Citrus fruits could help prevent obesity-related diseases

In obese individuals citrus flavanones could significantly reduce the free radical damage that can increase the risk of heart disease, liver disease and diabetes.

Humans have evolved a sophisticated cooling system that keeps the mind sharp as well as keeping the body cool.

From perspiration to world domination – the extraordinary science of sweat

It may be embarrassing sometimes, but without our ability to sweat when the going gets hot, humans would not have climbed their way to the top of the evolutionary pile.

Harmony juice

Harmony juice

Perfect for when you’re feeling hot and bothered (and not necessarily with the weather!).

White tea, from young buds and shoots, may be naturally lower in fluoride and pesticides.
Q and A:

Q&A: Fluoride in tea?

Tea plants naturally accumulate fluoride as they grow – but is it the fluoride or something else that we should be worrying about?

Time spent in nature can make you feel better about yourself.

How being in nature makes us appreciate our bodies and reject unrealistic beauty standards

A sense of connectedness to nature may help shift our attention onto more important things – like living a fulfilled life.