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Eating barley, or foods containing barley, can significantly reduce levels of 'bad' cholesterol.

Eat more barley to help lower cholesterol

Eating barley or foods containing barley significantly reduces levels of two types of “bad cholesterol” associated with cardiovascular risk, a major review has found.

If you suffer from allergies the fibre and beta-carotene in a bran muffin and some apricots could keep your immune system from over-reacting.

High fibre diet, vitamin A could prevent allergies

New research suggests that the fibre and beta-carotene in bowl of bran and a handful dried apricots could be all that’s needed to keep allergies at bay.

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogenic herb, traditionally used used to calm stress and anxiety

Rhodiola reduces mild anxiety and stress in students

Daily supplementation with Rhodiola rosea extract may help us cope with stress as well as improve other symptoms associated with mild anxiety, according to a new study from the UK.

Barley can be used to produces a creamy, nutty flavoured risotto

Barley risotto

There are many wonderful ways to eat barley. This risotto recipe is adapted by nutritionist Daphne Lambert from an ancient Roman cookbook.

Strawberries contain natural chemicals that can help protect the skin against sunburn.

The best foods to protect your summer skin

What you eat during the summer can also impact how well your skin copes with the sun. Here’s some skin-loving foods that can provide protection.

Traditionally prepared sauerkraut is a lactofermented food, full of good bacteria to keep your gut healthy.

How sauerkraut is leading a food revolution

Shoppers have had it with supermarket science and instead are embracing more holistic styles of eating. Enter the fabulous fermented foods!

Many herbs can be dried and used in cooking or to make refreshing herbal teas.

Fresh versus dried herbs

Dried herbs are versatile and easy to use but for many herbalists, fresh herbs are essential if you want the best quality tinctures. Here’s how to get the best out of your herbs.