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Top pick: What’s the scoop on chia seeds?

What’s the scoop on chia seeds?

Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fats as well as protein and fibre; does this ancient Aztec superfood stand-up to the hype?

photo of a woman sunbathing

Liquorice could provide UV protection to skin

Liquorice contains active anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that can help protect skin in the sun

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photo of cola being poured into a glass

Colouring used in some sodas poses cancer risk

Soda drinkers are ingesting caramel food colouring, a substance that can raise cancer risk over a lifetime, say researchers

photo of a pizza

Highly processed foods linked with addictive eating

Chips, pizza and chocolate have been found to be among the most addictive foods in a new study

Photo fo seeds adn wholegrains

Want to live longer? Eat more wholegrain foods

A diet that includes more wholegrains an reduce your risk of early death from heart disease, say Harvard researchers

Photo of an Apple watch with movement tracker


Will Apple Watches really make us healthier if we stand up every hour?

If sitting is the new cancer, can fashionable tech like the Apple Watch – which can prompt us to get off our backsides – be preventative?

photo of green foods


Your essential detox guide – part 2

In this phase of your detox you’ll really be ‘going green’ relying on predominantly green foods and herbs to aid proper cleansing and elimination

Photo of sprouted mung beans


Your essential detox guide – part 1

Whether you are new to detox, or an old hand at it, here are some useful tips on how to get the best from your detox

photo illustrating intestinal flora


New links between antibiotics, gut damage and modern disease

Scientists are learning more about the gut damage caused by overuse of – and over exposure to – antibiotics.

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Study: cancer-fighting properites of citronella aroma
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