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Even so-called 'healthy ' food choices can be loaded with sugar.

Sugar a big problem in packaged foods

Added sugar in processed foods is a worldwide problem and a new survey has found that even so called healthy foods like granola bars or yoghurt can be full of it.

Babies who cry for more than three hours a day on three or more days of the week may be suffering from colic.

Try acupuncture to relieve infant colic

New research reveals that acupuncture may be an effective treatment option for babies with infantile colic helping to reduce stress and pain for babies – and parents.

Moderate exercise - at a level you feel comfortable with - can help reduce inflammation.

Exercise is an anti-inflammatory

New research shows that, for those who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases, moderate exercise – at a level you feel comfortable with – can help reduce inflammation.

Standing up while eating is unlikely to give you indigestion and may even have some benefits.

Eating standing up – is it really bad for you?

What you are eating and how you are eating it – stressed or in a hurry, for example – may be more likely to cause indigestion than just standing up while you eat.

Many healthy foods are rich in zinc.

Zinc – dietary protection for your DNA

Are you getting enough? A modest 4 milligrams of extra zinc a day in the diet can have a profound, positive impact on cellular health that helps fight infections and diseases.

Feeling depressed? Your best treatment could be a better night's sleep.

Why a lack of sleep makes us depressed … and what we can do about it

Lying awake at a night could be playing havoc with your mind and emotions. Emerging data suggests treating the insomnia could help treat the depression.

Elderberries are a fantastic immune booster and particularly good at supporting respiratory health.
Health Tips:

The ‘fast five’ immune boosters

Taking care of yourself at any time of year is mostly a matter of common sense. Here’s our top 5 quick tips for staying well at any time of the year.