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Top pick: Two weeks to better health?

Two weeks to better health?

The time to change your diet is now! Swapping to a healthy and/or organic diet can have a dramatic effect on health and the risk of disease in as little as two weeks

photo of a lonely woman

How loneliness makes us sick

Researchers have found that loneliness can alter health at a genetic level, triggering inflammation and lowering immunity.

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photo of salmon swimming

US gives the OK to GMO salmon

The US Food & Drug Administration has ignored crucial data to approve the world’s first GMO animal intended for human consumption.

Evidence suggests that mindfulness  meditation can help people cope with both acute and chronic pain.

Try mindfulness meditation to reduce pain

New evidence suggests that mindfulness meditation helps control pain by unexpectedly activating extra areas of the brain to help us cope.

photo of a woman receiving light treatment

Bright light treatment benefits major depression

Light therapy isn’t just for those with seasonal depression. New research suggests it can help those with major non-seasonal depression too.

photo of various herbs and spices

Health Tips:

Top 5 tips for nutritional health

Eating well isn’t all that hard if you follow a few simple, sensible guidelines. Here are a handful that will immeasurably improve your diet and your health

photo illustrating bipolar disorder


Managing bipolar disorder without medication

More than 60% of people with bipolar disorder stop taking their medication at some point – can treatment for this condition become less toxic and more empowering?

photo of a household cleaning spray


Disinfectant household cleaners could damage fertility

Hormone-disrupting ingredients used widely in household disinfectant sprays and other products could affect fertility in both men and women

photo of cinnamon tea

Health Tips:

Try cinnamon for painful periods

If you are suffering from painful periods consider reaching for the spice cupboard instead of the medicine cupboard.

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