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Green tea drinkers have stronger bones

Regular consumption of green tea, which is rich in beneficial polyphenols, could help keep your bones stronger as you age, according to new Chinese research.

Elderberry extract aids blood sugar management

New research from Norway has shown that polyphenolic extracts from elderberries could help with blood glucose management.

Fibre feeds bacteria that help prevent diabetes

A fibre-rich diet can encourage the growth of a type of healthy gut bacteria which, in turn, produces a chemical that can help prevent diabetes.

Q and A:

Q&A: What is a placebo?

Studies have shown that placebos can sometimes work better than conventional medicine and as part of a mind/body approach to medicine can relive pain, reduce drug use, heal ulcers and more.

Health Tips:

Seven foods to supercharge your gut bacteria

A healthy gut is key to your well being. The good news is that you can begin to cultivate a new healthy gut flora, in just 24 hours just by changing what you eat.

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Why consumers need help to shift to sustainable diets

Consumers are literally being kept in the dark about much that modern science now knows about our unsustainable food system and its impacts on our planet.


Four signs you have high emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence – the way you perceive, understand, express, and manage emotions – can improve your relationships at work and at home.