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Diet can reduce adverse effects of breast cancer treatment

The quality of a woman’s diet, and especially her intake of cruciferous vegetables and phytoestrogen containing foods like soya, can lessen the adverse effects of treatment.

Exercise benefits gut health independent of diet

Two new studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise can improve gut health, and therefore overall health, whether or not you change your diet.

Healthy diet can help reduce disability, symptoms of MS

A large study has shown that for people with multiple sclerosis eating a healthier diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is linked to fewer disabling physical and mental symptoms.


Yoga in the workplace can reduce back pain and sickness absence

Employers should be encouraged to provide yoga programmes for staff in order to support health, well-being and general productiveness.


Moringa – a little herb with big potential

The leaves of the moringa tree are a source of important antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that could help address many modern illnesses, according to a recent review.


How mindfulness could give you the gift of a calmer Christmas

Make sure to find a little ‘Christmas presence’ by being kind and compassionate to everyone you have contact with – including yourself.


Aubergine, potato and chickpea balti

If you like warming, spicy foods you will love this satisfying and nourishing dish.